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What side effects does Antabuse cause? Both serious and mild side effects are possible when taking Antabuse. The possibility of certain side effects as well as their intensity cannot be foreseen and you are therefore supposed to be careful when you first start using this medicine and watch for any side effects that may appear. Mild side effects are most common and they can mean your body is adjusting to the dose prescribed. There is no need for you to report the mild side effects that are sometimes possible to your doctor in most cases you will see them go away on their own and there will be no need for you to do anything. Such mild side effects as acne, impotence, headaches, mild drowsiness, sore tongue, metallic taste in the mouth, and skin rash are possible. However, in some rare cases the mild side effects mentioned may change in intensity and become bothersome. You will need to report any mild side effects that changed in intensity to your health care provider to see if you may require a dose adjustment. A dose adjustment works in most cases and makes it possible for you to carry on with the treatment getting as many benefits as possible out of it. Serious side effects are supposed to be reported to your health care provider as soon as you get them, unlike mild side effects that are most likely to go away on their own. Make sure you tell your health care provider about any of the following serious side effects in case you experience them: seizures, loss of coordination, severe diarrhea, appetite changes, extreme tiredness, weakness, dark urine, jaundice, dizziness, and vomiting. Always make sure you tell health care provider if you develop any side effects that are not on this list, as they can be quite individual and vary in intensity. In general, however, antabuse is very well tolerated. Unfortunately, there is not too much you can do to prevent the side effects mentioned from occurring. However, the general rule is: mild side effects appear when your body is adjusting to the dose prescribed and persist if the dose is not the right one. Serious side effects are likely to occur when you are doing something wrong take too much of Antabuse at once, exceed the dose prescribed all the time, or have some medical conditions that you did not mention to your health care provider before starting buy antabuse online. Therefore, some of your side effects may actually be prevented if you talk to your doctor in advance and find to more about your treatment. Make sure you always ask any questions you have, as this may affect the success of your treatment.