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A Citibank charge card can be purchased for personal use as well as for business purposes. Moreover, Citi cards could be availed by pupils too, which can be employed by these to develop a decent credit score.

Citibank credit card login

Aspects of Citibank Bank card

If you're intending to apply for or already have a Citibank-credit card, look at the following facets of the card:

 Obtaining a Citi bank card: Filling a loan application form can be a pre-requisite for receiving a Citibank card (credit). This card can be had from and submitted either in-person (in a Citibank branch) or online (on the relevant Citibank website). In addition to the basic information (name, dob and make contact with details), a job candidate needs to provide a description of his/her employment and income. A job candidate may also be asked to attest a credit file copy.

 Using and owning a Citibank credit-card: Cardholders could make purchases and payments at all merchants that bear the Citibank logo. Besides, they are able to use the card for making online purchases and paying bills. To help make the best utilization of credit-card and prevent accumulation of great interest, cardholders must attempt to make payments punctually. Some Citi cards also provide interest-free period. Besides, Citibank operates a dedicated online service portal, which helps cardholders to track their charge card account everywhere on earth, 24/7.

Citibank credit card login

 Paying Citibank credit-card dues: Citibank maintains multiple repayment portals to facilitate maximum convenience for the cardholders. Besides the traditional in-person payment at a branch, cardholders can create recurring payments through direct debit or make single payments online from your nominated account. It's possible to also produce a payment through Citibank customer support, provided the payment is informed beforehand.