Understanding Franchise Marketing

June 3, 2012 by ShaunDietrich092   comments (0)

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There are many benefits to starting a franchise compared to your own independent business. Some of those benefits include the proven business model, identity recognition, and training and support that you will get from the franchiser. Another big benefit is that the franchiser will likely handle most of the marketing efforts on ones behalf, though they usually require their franchisees to pay for a fee for those marketing campaigns.

Since a good, well-funded marketing campaign can be a benefit you should enjoy when choosing a franchise over an independent small company, you should consider what kind of marketing plan the franchiser has if you're thinking about buying a franchise, in addition to the different other important costs and benefits specific to the individual franchise, like training, profits, and management. If you are strongly considering a specific franchise, and they either do not have a marketing plan and also you don't like or agree with their marketing plan, you might want to look elsewhere - not enough good marketing is a deal breaker, since it can also be vital to your success as a franchisee.

When you are examining the franchiser's internet marketing plan, pay attention to what it gives and how much it'll cost you in fees to the franchiser. A good marketing plan should cover things like print advertisements, TV promotions, and direct mail to help current and possible customers. Look for marketing in areas that you really think will reach ones target customers, and as some of them as possible, not a few people. Make sure that you really feel comfortable that that marketing plan the franchiser offers will be effective in helping you draw in customers, because it can strongly affect your risks of success as a franchisee, and, if you are paying fees to support this marketing plan, you want to make sure that it is better than you may do if you were paying for and managing your own marketing outreach.

Finally, you should find out if the franchiser is proactive and open to new ideas from franchisees in terms of marketing efforts. If you are completely happy with the routine the franchiser has set forth for marketing, this might not seem necessary, but a superb franchiser should always be open to new ideas for future marketing, when things may change and there are better ways to reach customers in the future, rather than recycling stale marketing plans 10 years from now.

The marketing plan on the franchiser is not always decreasing place to look for problems when you are picking a franchise. However, you should place as much importance on examining a franchise marketing plan, and attitude towards marketing typically, as on things such as profits and costs. Good or bad marketing can make or break you for a franchisee, and a franchiser that's responsive to your needs and suggestions in regards to marketing will be much more pleasant to work with and will be apt to create more success for you and him.