Should I buy iPhone 5

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Should I buy iPhone 5

It is that point of year when speculations and months of waiting culminates to the launch of the new Apple product. When that new product is a brand new Iphone, the anticipation and expectation can skyrocket to unimaginable heights.

Should I buy iPhone 5
On first looks you can be mistaken to believe Apple has shed some features in the iPhone 4S, along with some mass. But this ultra thin iPhone has lost everything however its features; actually it's gained a generous quantity of additional features that are sure to cause you to say 'Wow'! So without further ado here are the main features of the iPhone 5.

The amount

Should I buy iPhone 5
First of all , comes to the hand is, well, the device itself, so we shall delve bit into how it feels. It feels light is an understatement. Actually the brand new iPhone at 20% lighter has 12% less volume. Exactly what it means is that the iPhone 5 can be a mere 112 grams! Imagine fastest processor as well as the best 8 megapixels iSight camera and one would believe that is too much to take care of.

Convenience may be the middle name as well as the slightly (read: 9mm) taller Smartphone (when compared to iPhone 4S) gets the same width. As such exactly the same convenience of using the older iPhone 4S and taking advantage of it to complete the majority of things in one hand can be possible with all the iPhone 5.

The display size and display

Compared to the older iPhone 4S the newest iPhone has a larger 4" screen. Meaning when compared to 960 x 640 pixels display with the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5 boasts a display of just one,136 x 640 pixels. Ubercool if you want to really enter some serious gaming experience or dig into that new blockbuster movie or have a look at some of your chosen website on the large screen.

The digital camera

Having said that the iPhone's 8 megapixel AF f/2.4 camera is a formidable tool within the right hands. After all unless you are planning to shoot the next blockbuster project on the Smartphone, 8 megapixels is a lot more than simply enough; it is perfect!

Another feature with the camera is the capability to shoot stills even when recording full HD videos. This is a welcome feature that currently not even all DSLRs have to their credit.

The secondary camera may be upgraded plus it now boasts 1.2 megapixels with 30 fps continuous shooting speeds.

The processor

The iPhone 5 includes a significantly faster processor within the A6 chip. The older iPhone 4S were built with a dual core A5 chip. According to Apple the newest chip is perfectly up to twice faster and may allow faster loading of sites, apps and attachments. Graphic power can also be boosted as well as the resulting difference is noticeably overall faster performance. The faster chip also helps to process pictures shot with all the iSight camera quicker and possesses a noticeably better performance in low light where noise is really a major concern.

A breakthrough; for ear pods?

Even though the chunk of Apple's designers has worked around the processing power as well as the display size, an area from the design team had already been working on the earpods. It makes sense a visibly different device. As per Apple this is a completely revamped design that they term as Apple Earpods. The talk is because they have gone through hundreds of proto-type designs and tested them on different ears to finally settle down to this design which includes two different designs for each and every ear. It is nothing beats what you have seen or perhaps heard before.


One of iPhones trump card is Siri, the va which is have become more dependable. Inside the iPhone 5 Siri may be upgraded and may now understand in order to find answers to more questions than previously. Using the upgraded Siri one can find answers to things like closest ATM or that matter weather updates and evens the show times for movies playing nearby.