Is Paint Zoom the Perfect Sprayer for Your Home Reno Job?

July 21, 2012 by WhittakerO0   comments (0)

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There is no doubt that Paint Zoom has generated quite a bit of buzz since it was introduced. While the product could work, most people write off this paint sprayer as nothing more than another inferior As Seen on TV product that will collect dust in their storage shed. But we wondered if the truth of the matter could be that both professional painters, and the average DIYer at home, might find some actual benefit to this tool. Let's see.

After reading this review you may like to view more authoritative information on this handy paint sprayer gun at When looking at consumer reviews on the Internet, we found that most claimed the unit did actually help cut back on the amount of time required to paint an area. Many claims extolled that the smaller than professional/commercial unit is easier to manage and that it does provide a decent finish.

Mind you, there were some who pointed out that the product is not as easy to use as an airless paint sprayer, because unless you have carefully thinned the paint for perfect viscosity, you're likely to get uneven spray coverage.

Furthermore, if you over-dilute the viscosity cup, you will end up needing extra coats to finish the job. And conversely, if you under-dilute too much you will find that the air-powered pump may be underpowered to expel the paint with even distribution.

There were many mixed feelings with regards to this paint spray gun, however not all were negative.

The ability to choose how much paint to use proves to be a benefit for most people. And the user friendly dial is one that is certainly seems to be among the top cited benefits for this tool. In fact, previous users have commented positively on how simple this tool is to clean. This is because the secured container holds the paint and dispenses it through a single nozzle. That means there are only two simple pieces of equipment to remove and clean before you wind up for the night.

This certainly suggests that Paint Zoom may be an exceptional choice for anyone procrastinating about doing a paint job because they dread the ensuing clean-up.

However, like any product out there, this paint sprayer does have a concern for some. Since the container that is used for painting is small, you will need to refill it pretty regularly. But then again, the painting process should go considerably faster and when you do the math, you may find you would have been filling a roller tray just as frequently.

A word of advice -- when using this product, slightly water down the paint and use a safety mask during operation. When the paint is wetter, it will prevent the nozzle from clogging up, which may be a problem you experience with thicker paint. In turn, you will want to wear a mask as it will prevent the paint particles from being inhaled and coating your lungs.

Overall, Paint Zoom is one of those products that may leave some people saying:

"Well, you get what you pay for."

The product certainly does have benefits, and for the low price-point of $99.00 it may be a suitable sprayer for many a home renovation job. Just make sure that you do take the time to explore all the different options you have for this paint sprayer and determine if it will end up meeting your needs. Since it can help you quickly and effectively paint your surfaces when used properly, with special care to dilution and viscosity, it may be a product worth your consideration. If that sounds like too much work, you might be better off forking out the extra money for an airless sprayer instead.