Physical Therapy Has One of the Highest Amounts of Job Satisfaction

February 1, 2012 by aidannorton955   comments (0)

physical therapy

When we're kids considering what we should want to be when we're older, unfortunately we cannot think about job satisfaction. Anything we should be will needless to say be satisfying - a fireman! a baseball player! But even as become adults, we know that lots of people result in careers and lines at work where they simply aren't happy. Physiotherapy though isn't like that, and in reality, it's one of many highest overall ratings for job satisfaction for just about any type of work or career out there.


So, exactly how many physical therapists are happy making use of their jobs? In a very important 2007 study, it had been found that more than seventy-five per cent of physiotherapists aren't only satisfied, they are "very satisfied" using their careers. That's above 75% of men and women in the field, also it means that entering this profession could possibly be your ticket to a lifetime of happiness and success.

But to put that number into better perspective, don't just take our word that it is very high. Consider that within the same survey, it was the amount 2 ranked career which was listed. The one thing more than it is something completely different - as being a area of the clergy! From then on, physical therapy was next listed, that is pretty spectacular.


There are many recent reports, surveys and reports which rank physical rehabilitation very highly on the set of careers and lines at work. For instance, a 2010 report by put physical therapists number 4 overall of the top 100 careers in the usa, and in 2009, the usa News and World Report included physical therapists on the best list as well.


Clearly, physiotherapy is very enjoyable, and people wind up really taking pride in their careers within this field. But why exactly is the case? One reason behind the reason being you get to help people on a daily basis, improving their lives, minimizing or eliminating their pain, solving their problems, and more. That's something which will give anybody a lift, and can ensure you be ok with that which you do when you're getting up in the morning.

But any satisfying career needs more than that making it one of the best careers in the country. Physical therapy is distinguishable therefore since it also is a very rapidly growing field, and there's no shortage of jobs available, which can be vitally important. Following that, physiotherapists also earn an extremely high salary, which means you'll get paid handsomely and revel in an improved lifestyle.

While you can be a kid and dream big about our lives, it's even easier being an adult and become stuck in the dead end job that we hate. Luckily, it is rarely past too far to think about an area like physical rehabilitation, where 75% of practicing professionals are incredibly pleased with their line of work. From helping people firsthand, to being paid well to do this inside them for hours wonderful job opportunities, physical therapy has everything you are able to request and much more.