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MAALOX antacid: Co-administration of the antacid Maalox with a single dose of Norvasc had no significant effect on the pharmacokinetics of Norvasc.

On my doctors advice I took 10mg of amlodipine Norvasc along with Carvedilol for about a year to control high blood pressure. I am otherwise healthy.

The use of the almodipine needs to be right. If we are confused, we can consult it to our doctor. It will be the great solution of the use of the amlodipine, especially the amlodipine 10mg. We also need to check our condition, especially our blood pressure and our heart condition by using the electrocardiographic checking that will enable us to know our heart condition. It is because the hypertension is related closely to our heart.

Usually, the swelling happen to ankles and feet. Tiredness and fatigue also is one of side effect that Amlodipine Besylate has. There are only 4.5 Percent people that get this effect. And the last side effect that Amlodipine Besylate has is dizziness. However, if we look at those side effects, we can say that those are mild side effect that wont give you any problem in your life. With simple treatment, you can reduce this side effect.

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