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Having to maneuver a metal rod into invisible channels to change gear while pushing an additional pedal is a thing of the past in my view. On the congested roads of modern times, an automatic is far more sensible.

There are still the age old arguments used by those who last drove an automobile in the early 1970s or perhaps have never driven one whatsoever. Rubbish such as an automobile is dangerous because it could change up in mid corner or that they can drive faster with some sort of manual transmission, is still waffled out even today.

I say that a modern electronically controlled auto transmission is much more capable than the items changing skills of a lot of people on today's roads. As far as I am concerned, an M car with an auto makes perfect sense and whether it is in an X5M or X6M then we are all one step closer to help utopia.


The BMW X6 was launched in 2008 by German auto maker BMW. It was launched as mid-size extravagance car with features including high ground clearance, four wheel drives and just about all weather ability. The X6 model basically known as coupe version of X5, was proposed at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. In April 2009, this sporty X6 M edition was announced with 555 hp (414 kW), 4. 4 - liters turbocharged V8.

BMW X6 line has two variants in petrol engine xDrive50i together with diesel engine X6 xDrive35i. The first model in petrol engine xDrive50i uses twin-turbocharged V8 which often produces 408 PS involving 5, 500 and 6, 500 rpm, and 600 NM of torque over a wide range of between 1, 800 and 4, 500 rpm. The second model X6 xDrive35i functions N54 3. 0-litre twin-turbocharged engine which producing 306 PS concerning 5800 and 6250 rpm, in addition to a peak torque of 400 NM between 1400 and 5000 rpm. In case of diesel engine which also offers two variants xDrive30d together with xDrive35d, respectively. They are generally powered by BMW's 3. 0-litre turbo diesel-engined engine, and produce 286 PS inside xDrive35d version. The change with xDrive35d is that will xDrive30d produces 235 PS.

There are many ways in which energy is saved in the X6 series in particular hybrid technology and some engine controlling mechanism. The following briefs complete details. In 2009 BMW introduced BMW Active Hybrid X6 includes a 300 kW (407 h . p .) V8 power product with BMW Twin Electrical power Turbo Technology and two electric engines developing 67 kW (91 hp) and, respectively, 63 kW (86 hp.) BMW Active Cross technology offers three significant options first drive an automobile under electric power alone second to make use of the power of your combustion engine and third blend of both drive.

This turbo charged M V8 Algorithm develops its outstanding power with remarkable efficiency. BMW X6 has well suited for range of different technological know-how include on demand control in the electric fuel pump, on demand compressor for the air conditioner and flow control method to obtain the hydraulic fluid to the active roll stabilization system. So using these stages of technologies energy consumption can be minimized.

Both inside X5 and X6 series designed to withstand for crashes and has now crash safety and better agility. Hyundai Motor Oil, Amsoil 2-cycle oil