Advantages of Natural Dentistry

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When we go to the dentist, we would like our teeth to look as natural as you possibly can. We do not want potentially toxic metals in our mouth if we may use something healthier. But exactly how are you able to determine if your dentist provides natural dental solutions?

The natural solution feels like real teeth and looks like real teeth. Natural is easily the most biocompatible, meaning your body doesn't respond to it. Many times when a metal crown or bridge is within your mouth, the gums will pull away and that ugly metal rim shows. With natural restorations this doesn't happen. Today's all-ceramic crowns and bridges are structurally built better and stronger without metals, plus they definitely look better.

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Benefits of a holistic dentist

The composite porcelain used for fillings is the most biocompatible available. These porcelain fillings are much much better than silver/mercury fillings, that are constantly releasing mercury vapor, which is extremely toxic. Much more unnatural is the fact that as the dark mercury fillings get old they corrode and expand like freezing water, which breaks teeth. This is actually the most typical reason behind crowns today. Mercury fillings are like "training wheels" for crowns. Porcelain fillings are more natural for the reason that they bond to the teeth and hold them together. They are tooth colored and therefore are almost invisible in the tooth. An all natural practitioner will recommend not waiting for your mercury fillings to interrupt your teeth, but rather replacing them now and saving much more of your natural tooth structure.

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Developing a healthy smile

Holistic dentistry also means a far more healthful treatment. The hygienist should use ozonated water for disinfecting and irrigation while cleaning your teeth. The ozone water should be made fresh every day. No toxic chemicals should be used during your cleaning. The dentist's hygiene department should use a whitening system consisting of a peroxide gel that's fluoride free. Fluoride will not be ingested and is definitely not a product that the natural dentist should use.

A microscope slide may be used to identify oral bacteria. This is commonly used in periodontal cases when a patient may have bleeding gums or red and swollen tissues. The dentist look in the microscope along with you and concentrate on the problem. After individuals problem, your dentist works along with you to get rid of any parasites and obtain you back to optimal oral health while avoiding gum surgery.

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Everything in the holistic dentist's office continues to be carefully chosen to become as biocompatible as you possibly can.