What is bed bug

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Climex lectularius may be the scientific name of the these bugs that are small insects that feast upon warm blood. Since the name defines these small insects are often perfectly located at the human habitat preferably in the beds or in some other section of the house where people sleep. They could be also seen in sofas as well as wooden furniture. These tiny small red these bugs can change your calm sleepy night right into a horrible nightmare.

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Even as humans have a warm blood and then we are a fantastic destination for these bugs which they feed upon. They're this type of smart player that they can easily feed human blood without being noticed. This characteristic or behavior is recognized as nocturnal. This animal behavior helps these bed bugs to be active throughout the night.

The physical appearances from the adult bedbugs are oval in shape without hidden wings which grows 4-5 mm long and 1.5-3mm wide. Their color is different from light brown to reddish brown. The newly born bedbugs are classified as nymphs, they're lighter colored and simultaneously changes color because they develop. The newly hatched bedbugs are incredibly tiny and appear just like a poppy seed.

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These blood sucking bed bugs pierce a person's skin with the aid of two hollow tubes slices the tissue and reach the circulation system. They feed on body and sucks for five minutes to ten minutes. A good time of the feeding reaches night or perhaps an hour before sunrise. The heat and also the presence of carbon dioxide are two major causes that attract your bed bugs to their host. The duration of feeding is every five to ten days. They can be alive for many months without feeding whereas the conventional life span of bed bugs is all about six to nine months.

The bite of these bugs can be very harsh and infectious on skin and also have many adverse affects on health too. Some of the adverse affects are skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. The bite of the bugs affects the surface of the skin where there appear red bumps having a very intense itching. Although curable, use a topical cream and prevent scratching it you can get infection. If the infection or perhaps an allergy occurs consult a doctor.

The bed bugs can sometime be irritable and harmful too. So, it’s easier to maintain the house neat and after certain time frame spray the bug pesticides.