Overview of Protective Features of The Speck iPhone 4S Case

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Speck has some exceptional case designs for iPhone. A Speck iPhone 4S case not only provides protection from knock offs but comes with varied features and accessories. Speck's inspires its designs for daily needs and hassles faced by iPhone users. Best of luck is an inspiration of either a customer feedback or sheer observation. The Mighty Vault selection of the Speck iPhone 4S case is a such example of Specks creativity.

The Mighty Vault is built bearing in mind the bumps and scuffs a telephone is prone in everyday life. Today, the majority of us lead a busy life. A lot of us use our mobiles while commuting, in restaurants, while jogging or perhaps in gym and them in bizarre places, which will make it vulnerable to a fall or ding. One fall is much more than enough for that phone to shatter to pieces, sight that no one may wish to encounter.

This is when the Mighty Vault design of Speck cases involves rescue. The triple layer protection ensures shielding against scratches, dings, bumps and knock-offs. The Mighty Vault Speck iPhone 4S case is made of dual layer of co-molded rubberized TPE material and specially molded silicone gasket band. The outer top of the case is produced in solid, durable polycarbonate shell. The silicone band guards the screen from nicks when the phone drops face-down on the screen side and covers the sides of the phone as well.

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The Mighty Vault Speck iPhone 4S case even has special covering for that buttons and ports from the phone. This protects it from dust and dirt when not in use. It also features a clip-on holster, a rotating belt clip that hooks around the belt firmly and may doubled as a viewing stand for the iPhone.

Besides various sleek and sturdy Speck iPhone 4S case models, Speck offers additional accessories like SheildView screen protector for that phone. It's produced from ultra thin polyethylene terephthalate material. A skinny layer is manufactured using static cling technology. We've got the technology doesn't make use of any adhesive for sticking onto the screen and therefore ensures there isn't any dreg or glop that remains behind once the covering is removed. ShieldView uses unique re-sealable technology and has a special casing to keep the re-sealable film. The newest technology provides a crystal-clear and lustrous finish towards the film that appears almost transparent.

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Besides a screen protector, Speck iPhone 4S case range offers slim fit leather covering that is available underneath the FitSleeve collection of Speck cases. It might be likely to say that Speck iPhone 4S case provides holistic protection.