Should You Make the Switch To The iPad 2?

February 18, 2012 by barrytyler511   comments (0)

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The iPad 2 has mentioned a lot in the news, so almost of us are aware that it has been released. Apple launches invariably create a great deal of buzz. Perhaps it's due to all the fan boys, or is it just because Apple makes quality products? Coming from someone who is indifferent, I'd say it's a bit of both. One year separates the release dates of the iPad and now the iPad 2. Hence, if you bought the original model, I will now give my opinion on if you should consider shifting to the iPad 2.

When it comes to physical size, the iPad 2 is smaller than the original iPad. It is good to see that the iPad 2 is thinner, to the tune of a third against the first iPad, and that the size of the screen is the same. The iPad 2 is also weighs less, weighing in at just a bit over 600g. Not heavy the least bit. These modifications are touchable as I discovered by holding the iPad and iPad 2. Don't think a skinnier and less heavy design means the performance is affected, because boy oh boy would you be inaccurate...

In comparison to the original model, the iPad 2 is speedier. First, Apple boasts that its graphics processor is nine times faster than the first iPad. If that is true, it is a big jump forward. The thinking behind this is as a result of new cameras and what is required for games. An A5 chip means that Apple likewise now has a processor that is a lot faster. The A5 chip features a dual core processor and it indeed makes a difference to the speed of the recent iPad. The speed was one thing I was alert of when utilizing various functions. If I use the different media on the original and then the new iPad, the improved load speed time is evident.

The release of the iPad 2 has as well resulted in the inclusion of two cameras. One is on the front side and the second camera is on the back. If you like having the idea of having a camera, then you will embrace this modification of stance since when the iPad was originally released, there were no cameras. One camera shoots 720p HD and the other isn't as great. FaceTime and PhotoBooth are two new additions to the iPad which let you make video calls and take interesting pictures, respectively. With FaceTime, the front camera lets your calling partner to see your face and the back camera lets him see what you can see, on the back side of the iPad.

Moving up from the iPad to the iPad 2 is, I would suppose, for folks who feel the need for the faster processors and have money. Even though the upgrades are an improvement, it's nothing significant, apart from maybe the camera which is a brand new addition.

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