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Paxil is an agent in a newer class of antidepressant medication known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs. Depression and anxiety disorders might be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. One of these chemicals is serotonin, which helps send electrical signals from one nerve cell to another. In the process, serotonin is released from one nerve cell the sender and travels to the next the receiver, where it is either absorbed or returns back to the original sender cell.

Pimozide: In a controlled study of healthy volunteers, after PAXIL was titrated to 60 mg daily, co-administration of a single dose of 2 mg pimozide was associated with mean increases in pimozide AUC of 151% and Cmax of 62%, compared to pimozide administered alone. Due to the narrow therapeutic index of pimozide and its known ability to prolong the QT interval, concomitant use of pimozide and PAXIL is contraindicated see CONTRAINDICATIONS.

Paxil withdrawal - Nasopharyngitis Irritation, redness and swelling tissues in the nose and the tube leading from the mouth to the voice box as well as the tubes leading to the ears.

Remember, the above list is for major frequent side effects of paxil as reported by the SKB.

The dr put me on effexor i stayed sick could not eat so not he put me on lexapro i have not takin it yet because of all the side aff i was thinkin about paxil what do you think about paxil?

Well, heres one for the books! I was on Paxil for six months when I began having a flat affect no emotion, unable to force an inflection into my voice, and plain did not notice anyting going on around me. So, I decided to go off it cold turkey after reading about how so many had done the same. I figured a week or two of hellish headaches and nightmares was a small price to pay for having my mind back. About five days into withdrawal, my brain began to swell and I had a minor stroke. My boyfriend rushed me to the hospital where they found a blood clot the size of a golf ball in my head. The next day they removed the clot and things began to return to normal, but not until I refused to take the SSRIs that the neurologist prescribed during my recovery! That idiot doctor told me that he thought the drug would ease my symptoms and help me recover quicker. Oh, and then he tried to give me Celebrex for pain. This was right after Vioxx had been pulled from the market by the FDA. The lesson I took from this is that we must take our health into our own hands and never, ever allow doctors to take control. Treat them like the hired help they are and demand complete disclosure before you agree to swallow one pill, take one injection, or submit to a singe test. The reason doctors have a practice is because that is just what they are doing, practicing. They know very little and guess at most everything, expecially when it comes to drugs. If you want to confirm this, the next time you have a test run any test will do ask the doctor whether they think it means this or that or they know. Youll be surprised at how little they actually know. And educate yourself before you let them experiment on you. Its your body and your mind.

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I hate paxil! I am a 27 yr old man and i took this shit for a month and every thing got worse, so i quit. My life has been shitty since i was about 15, i quit school, bounced from job to job never keeping 1 for more than a year, i was beaten as a kid and i guess i picked up some pretty bad habits, i got really violent, started fights with people that i didnt even know. I put a few in the hospital, i head butted some guy and knocked all his teeth out. Then i started the drugs coke, acid, mushrooms, huffing gas, smoking weed etci found weed to be the one i liked so i kept using it. By 18 i was in jail for trashing my parents house and threatening to kill them and to burn their house down, i went to a hospital for an assessment and they told me i had anger managment problems, no shit! They let me out and i met a girl who is now my wife, we had kids, got our own place etc but then i started beating on her, so she wanted to leave me and fucked my best friend. I found out, he found out i knew and tried to talk his way out of it and i told him either you kill yourself or im coming to do it for you, so thats what he did, he overdosed and died in his sleep. Then my wife and i moved to a new house to try to start over. Every thing was getting better until 1 cold night our house burnt down while we were in it. I rescued my family from the fire almost losing my 2 yr old daughter in the blaze, i was off work for 5 months suffering burns, cuts, severed tendons, smoke inhallation, frost bite and now post traumatic stress too. After i recovered i went back to work bought a new house, then i end up rescuing 2 senior citizen from a burning gas station in the middle of the night, then a couple months later i tried to pull a guy out of his smoking rolled over jeep and the guy was totally messed up, his neck was so busted it looked like his head was on upside down, his arm was mangled and when i grabbed his other arm and pulled the guy came apart at the seams, pretty gross hey? And then the girl who was living in my basement cleaned out my bank for 8000, finally i couldnt take any more so i was off work again on stress leave so my doctor put me on paxil, he told me i had to stop smoking pot so i quit about 4 days into my script and it made it way worse, but i stayed off the pot for a couple of weeks just to see if the doc was right and guess what he was wrong. I ended up having these really scary day dream kind of things where it was like i was watching tv in my head for about 10 - 20 seconds at a time i saw myself slitting my kids throats and stabbing my wife in the heart, then i snapped out of it and got so upset i threw up and had to get away from everyone, i started crying and i punched holes in the walls, busted my stereo, put my face through a door then i picked my wife up by her hair a smashed her head off the cupboards knocking her SHE LEFT AND TOOK MY KIDS FROM ME. Weve talked about whats been happening and we both feel that the paxil made me worse not better, were going to start counselling together and weve seperated for everyones safety im going to go back to the doctors and see if they have any more magical little pills hopefully they make things better if not im going to lose the only thing i have, my family, and without them i might as well be dead. So whom ever reads my life story, ask yourself this, is your life really that bad? Stay away from this paxil shit its not worth it! There has to be a better way.

Do not stop Paxil without first talking to your healthcare provider. Stopping Paxil too quickly may cause serious symptoms including:

Yes I am now able to sit at the table with my parents but right now Im a little edgy so I dont say muchso as not to hurt anyone Yeah I talk to myself alot and every morning before work I say a short prayer also before I sleep I am also praying at work all day it helps me relax alot.I work with my dad so every morning we take a two mile walk because he suffers from diabetes and hypertension but it was also helping me alot while I was on paxil.I noticed that keeping yourself busy and exercising helped I will look into Kava Kava and other natural remedies Id also like to find something for my dad to he has to take like a billion pills every day and I can see how theyre slowly eating away at him. Anyways thanks alot. Oh yeah Im also having the nightmares like everyone else I also wake up in cold sweats and bloody fists. Ok by.

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