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Current location: Home News &gt game Fort > > game; "Diablo 3" test video released the Blizzard HQ, Mystical Symbols "Diablo 3" test video released the Blizzard HQ, mysterious symbol 2011-08-04 10:29 source: www. editor: I want to comment on the game Castle () size: T|T in 4 at the end of the 20 anniversary of Blizzard during this trip,cheap diablo 3 gold, we at Blizzard all headquarters buildings have met a lot of every kind of mysterious symbols.
These symbols in all Blizzard buildings can be seen everywhere, hall, library, dining room, elevator door are, they are black, some are red,D3 gold, some are orange, about a total of 3 to 4.Test video: appears in the Blizzard HQ Mystical Symbols and Blizzard announces this Diablo 3 test video, we are surprised to find it.
As we suspected, these runes may be some effect in the interpretation of symbols.But to our surprise, this effect is not effect in the game player's body, but the monster.From our video can be seen clearly in this case.
We can see from the video of this effect trigger condition.The undead in block demon hunter after the firing trigger this effect.That is to say,GW2 Gold, in a game in this effect is likely in your attack monster random trigger.
And these elements are likely to be extended in the high degree of difficulty, that is to say hell difficulty, these effects are likely to be higher trigger.Of course, this is just speculation,Tera Power Leveling, though the video only shows a rune,Tera Account, other runes also not know its effect.