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"Imperial dragon in the days" defined the New Kingdom three standard today does not delete the files opened
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2012-06-15 17:18:53
Today, the first QTE pan war games "imperial dragon in the days of" do not delete archives testing bursting with personality, the official added telecommunications Netcom in each of a group of new service officially opened, successfully activated test qualification game player can enter the new service experience extensive 3D million people in the war.
At the same time, "imperial dragon in the days" to activate a code provided fiery, game player can grab number through the official website, media made, as well as micro-blog grab number three channel activation code.
In addition to opening up new services to attract a large number of game player to join, "imperial dragon in the day" was first put forward by 3D million people fighting the country standard also attracted widespread concern in the industry.
Over the past 10 years, China has been the Chinese War online game player Repeng, but the server card, carrying capacity is small wait for a problem to many game player is losing confidence.And "imperial dragon in the day" from the end of 2011 open not delete archives testing so far, have to realize 3D million people in the war and make unremitting efforts.
Royal Dragon in the days of area client download upon activation code to view Royal Dragon Wanren country war scenes a few days ago, "Royal Dragon in the days of" development team Silver Heaven studios using new server architecture technology, a new era of national war formally put forward 3 standards,diablo 3 gold buy, including the same service standard, minimum number of single battlefield capacity standard, 3D battle field standard and so, a complete end to traditional small server times,diablo 3 buy gold, breaking the bottleneck in ten years.
Multiple technological innovation to ensure that 3D million people of China and flow experience in 3D million people fighting the country standard, "the Royal Dragon in the days" with the service standards of 100000 is undoubtedly the most popular.
"Imperial dragon in the day" has the largest single server, reason is the development team's first “ 38+N” array type server technology, to ensure the smooth single clothing bearing 100000, 38 is the base number of servers, the other N with a country war server, N is flexible according to war and the number of battle size adjustment, breaking the traditional MMOG online games,Guild Wars 2 CD Key, a server can contain only 3000~5000 human limitations, the server capacity increased nearly 20 times.
The second is “ single battlefield capacity to meet the realities of war, the Royal Standard ” "the dragon in the days" have much and domain server array system, each field can be regarded as a separate server, game player in a battlefield saturation does not affect the same battle other battlefield war number limit.
It can maximum limit satisfy three-dimensional war need much and domain and battlefield capacity demand.In addition,cheap diablo 3 gold, many gateway transmission technology, also to enhance game fluency do a great contribution.
In a multiple gateway technology, each battle inter-domain network transmission data throughput and transmission rate can be greatly improved, game player in the country during the war were of transfer, use your charms tool for rapid switching maps, does not produce massive outage, reader, black etc.
.View view view view view view as everyone knows,Buy Guild Wars 2 CD Key, in the 3D online games in the same screen to reach number 200 on recurring card dropped the case.As a 3D in the game, with the screen population has become an important measure of one.
After many of the technologies, "imperial dragon in the days" succeeded in 3D view screen in the same number to 300+, project group adopted the rendering layer resource utility, multithreaded rendering, dynamic cutting and batch rendering techniques to enhance the display of fluency, and through the entity / role multiplexing technique successfully to ensure the game 3D perspective of smooth transition, with one action achievements at home with the screen with the largest number of 3D country war gaming.