the &rdquo twilight

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Medieval European magic culture had a word memorable — — “ &rdquo vampire;.This is because, the vampire culture exudes beauty temperament, elegant figure and vampires in vampire Twilight fades when creating the death stars.
"The Pearl of fantasy" vampire youth heat sink — — “ the &rdquo twilight; Western vampire culture unique charm show most incisive, both shocked, glamorous sense of the new piece of information impact tens of thousands of faithful to the European magical subjects of online game player eye ball.
With Halloween,diablo 3 buy gold, we together have a look have what awaits us in ~ [win] Senior gem cool throughout Europe to get stones?Want to get a high grade gem?"The Pearl of fantasy" new free access to 4 stones pathway,L2 Adena!The warriors by &ldquo ” traveler; task to obtain a certain number of stone fragments, and the 3 stones stone to Wayite western free 4 stones random packet oh!In addition,Buy Guild Wars 2 CD Key, Wayite Western added 4 gem exchange clerk, just a modified stone,SWTOR Power Leveling!Warriors can obtain the new level 4 gems and package!Always have a suitable for you!Don't forget these words: fantasy is forever, forever jewel.
[] fantasy association task Hot European guild island daily tasks of “ ” hot line!With the island in island association do daily tasks for guild contribution value, money and experience!In Fuaidisi map of the world ocean distribution of some contention with (Buru, White Island, Heidi Island) three islands.
Island race is effected by guild honor bidding,cheap GW2 Gold, which guild of honor who gained control over the highest island.Only control island guild members can enter the island and get corresponding benefit.[vampire manor deduction “ the story of the battle of &rdquo]; imagine, in the dark enveloped the manor, bat-infested, strong smell seem to indicate there is a vampire.
The flickering corner they quietly coming, possesses magical human one's life is uncertain. … magic online games industry unique vampire manor has been opened, the duel, the story of “ ” for you to adventure.

lead the knights to embark on a new journey.

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Warm and romantic June, summer comes, with European fantasy theme consisting mainly of "Pearl of fantasy" for everyone to bring various blood free activities, like a cool summer, the sultry sweep away, give people the spirit of comfort,Lineage 2 Adena, let heart at ease.
Expression name system, love song antiphonal singing activities,Guild Wars 2 CD Key, and cross-server arena,Buy GW2 CD Key, everything is wonderful![the title] expression happiness "Pearl of fantasy" new blood to launch title system expression, show your daily mood fantasy expressions.
To do the task, make a copy with the fantasy girl game player chat whenever and wherever possible, use!Guaranteed to make you feel warm in magical lands killing and obtain happiness!Love songs for the big show loving [] 20:00-23:00 every night in every hour to start a “ a song for ” activities, systems in world channel shout out the first words of song, male warriors with the woman warrior turns interaction then sing, in 3 minutes out correct words warrior can obtain award!Before the five men will also have additional surprise oh![] cross clothing War Blood kept carrying thousands of game player athletic dreams, lead the knights to embark on a new journey.
"Fantasy" Pearl cross-server arena third season!Each competition fighting sound can be heard without end,GW2 Gold, waving the sword of heroes, constantly fighting.Regardless of is the hero's fight hand to hand with, or the Legion competition among war, will bring you a new experience.
A warm-blooded Heart decides everything, achievements of the European continent the magic.Is cross-server arena stores can now exchange super “ fatal set ”!In this set of blood kill Europe,
will have no fear, heart gallop!The knights, courage, wearing a suit to wear the deadly TA crazy war,GW2 CD Key!"The Pearl of fantasy" the new piece of information “ possessed armored &rdquo world; most are

don't get too excited

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In December 1, 2010, a pearl in the palm large adorable pet free net swims "the Pearl of fantasy" of the latest piece of information — “ &rdquo love life; fantasy online.The history of the most fun pet system, cool equipment, gem light effect, regards micro-blog, inter-service battlefield, camp for hegemony playing full on-line mass,Diablo 3 Items!Some highlights of the game, you create a Yizhenyihuan magic world.
Q version of magic game wind, by MM favorite, playing casual easy, was sparked a new round of PC game!Along with the new piece of information on the hot line, the official is the introduction of a number of activities,buy GW2 Gold!Wonderful music Hong Hao, don't get too excited![new divine comedy stage equipment to build the JP fantasy warriors] wow!Pie in the sky!Now as long as the registration account number, enter the game, game player can obtain new divine comedy stage equipment, identification of well drilling 8, a good 5 holes, and jeweled weapons!!Numerous game player for magic weapon, it is difficult to estimate in value, see how good oh!As long as the new island, find the baby NPC“ ” you can receive.
[double experience not stop crisply more luxury package to help you speed upgrade] to thank broad game player's support and love, so that we can more carefree experience the magic wars, new system play, activity period,Blade and soul account, magic all server will open the entire clothing double experience events, to help you improve the character level of light, Cheong enjoy upgraded fun!At the same time, a pearl in the palm sincerely offer you the new luxury package, thousand yuan worth of goods from the.
The new essence of golden eggs, Easter SG, senior gem, advanced drilling such as at numerous stores the most popular products in the best of them.Package you directly to point to put in, no need to receive, what to still wait for, come and try!Enter now,Guild Wars 2 CD Key, more surprises waiting for you to open the box, countless colorful gift, and a comprehensive upgrading of the pet system, the operating system more simple, more dazzling fashion system, more gorgeous jewel system,Diablo III Items, more challenging a copy of the fighting!Quickly download the latest piece of information the client V4.

August 16th

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Dear friends: the game player scheduled for today (August 16th) 15:00 "World War II" OL green suit opened, because the notice time limited, memorial day off, many game player is not informed,Tera Account, as the game fair,buy diablo 3 account, we decided to take time off for a day,BNS account, that is (August 17th) 15:00 officially opened.
Special note: the green clothes, no fees,cheapest diablo 3 gold, no paid content,Buy Tera Account, no mall, props will be involved in the game in a variety of activities or game process.Thus bring inconvenience, please understanding.We can use

it will make you more shining.

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Dear if you good game player, the "OL" will be on August 11th at noon on Wednesday 12 opened second of the combined service operations.Then will all the “ ” (the original third server) and &ldquo (” Phoenix; the original sixth server) merged into “ &rdquo all the gods;,buy cheap diablo 3 gold, estimated that the combined service time is 24 hours.
[] (a) combined service rules combined service before the game player, please ensure that in two servers the same account role under a total of not more than 3 (less than or equal to 3).Combined service after the role more than 3 cases, the system will be preferentially removed to lower-level characters.
If there is excess of the same grade role, we will randomly deleting a role.(for example: a game player in the original 3 clothing and raw 6 two 60 and two 50 class in all 4 roles, if the game player do not deal with,Tera Power Leveling, so we will randomly select a level 50 character delete).
(two) please be combined service two group of server game player timely mail as well as auction auction items removed, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.(three) the combined service will be removed three months not logged on the following 10 trumpet, if the game player in the redundant low-level role in money or valuables, please timely transfer to you want to keep the character,buy GW2 Gold, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.
[note] (a) with clothes, formerly &ldquo &rdquo server; Phoenix; the game player please log on to &ldquo &rdquo server; all the gods.(two) in service after the role name: (1) alloy after taking, if the game player appeared role name name problem, then in your login game selection role, the system will prompt you to modify your name.
Please game player according to the system prompt steps to change your name.(2) in a modified, please carefully fill in your name,buy tera gold, because it is the only thing you pick a name opportunities in line with its own personality, it will make you more shining.
(3) combined service if the clan name, please enter the game after game player, in the NPC“ &rdquo clan administrator; for name changes.For the inconvenience we apologize.Please tell each other,Blade & Soul account, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.

gem stone

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Despite the challenge of courage, song 2 star soul challenge (BOSS) activity has started!Twelve major challenges Liangshan 108 stars,SWTOR Power Leveling, conquer breakthrough barriers, and star soul,GW2 Gold, soul gem, gem stone,
senior,Mists of Pandaria Cd Key, senior grade stone gem upshift stone and Dragon Phoenix equipment such as various types of rare items using a reward,aion kinah!The higher the level of challenge more chances,Tera Power Leveling, challenges you to enter the

a new service starting on July 14th

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Dear friends of broad game player!"Big gallant song 2" came the good news!If you happen to be on the huge gold is interested in this activity, you can not miss oh!If you are a person be very careful in reckoning the attention to detail, then this event for you absolutely is a big surprise,cheap diablo 3 gold, if you crude and careless, you are likely to be in this excellent opportunity and “ the ” drop gold pass oh,aion kinah!Well, or cut a theme.
July 13th song 2 launched a new client "be raging like a storm", attracted a vast number of game player, to let everyone have a new start, especially the introduction of the following activities: one, a lot of ingots, harvest a lot from July 14th to July 21st, 8 a.
m., 8 a.m. at the end,D3 gold, "Song 2" used in the game of Shenzhouxing card ingot charging (the game press 191) charge 30 yuan, charging 300 gold, during the activity presented an additional 30 gold, which received 330 gold (30 of them for gifts of gold) charge 50 yuan, charging 500 gold,cheap tera gold, during the activity presented an additional 50 gold, to obtain 550 gold (50 of which presented gold) 100 element, charging 1000 gold, during the activity presented an additional 100 gold, which received 1100 gold (100 of which is the gift ingot) Note: only in "Song 2" game using the row of the divine land cards for ingot charging (the game press 191) belong to the scope of promotional concessions in other game or in WAP station to recharge were not (due to random exchange accounts, such as the user, the next big song 2 client, in filling value,buy diablo 3 gold, the gold can be returned to the pirates in two, a new service starting on July 14th).
The afternoon will open new server --11 clothing, heroes are not hierarchical, together from scratch!Three, shamefaced green dragon, white horse quietly to mysterious shop add pet rebirth Dan (Dragon)
and rebirth (the little white horse Dan mounts), and other similar rebirth Dan, after using respectively have the opportunity to get a new pet dragon “ ” and &ldquo mounts; the little white

games company hand interaction agent operators

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Sacred calendar two six seven years,WoW MoP cd key, God of darkness was the God of light seal.When people are immersed in the joy of victory, the danger signal sounded … … by the well-known mobile phone
games company hand interaction agent operators, mobile phone MMORPG masterpiece "mumbo jumbo" recently relaunched!Skills,Tera Power Leveling, gorgeous equipment, stimulation of PVE content, there is no punishment for the
fort PK… … "mumbo jumbo" will lead us to open new handheld PK trip,diablo 3 gold buy!The characters in the game are divided between men and women, game player can play the role of love,diablo 3 gold, to grow up,Mists of Pandaria Cd Key, save the

2 thanks to friends of long-term support

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BNS account

Dear friends, in the last year of know each other together, "big gallant song 2" with friends happy every day at the same time have a birthday!In this song,cheapest diablo 3 gold, 2 thanks to friends of long-term support, and wish every swing song martial arts arena friend can be happy every day!On this special day, our friends to send rich birthday gift,buy d3 gold, I hope friends and big song 2 together to enjoy the best of times!A pleasant surprise: celebrated by Win Mobile recharge card on November 8-14, 18:00-20:00 first registered account activity during the night before the three game player, you can get 30 yuan mobile recharge card.
In addition, at the end of the event to reach level 40 before the 40 game player will receive 120 gold.Surprise two: celebrated its 1001 wishes in November 15th -26 day, friends in activities for the post,buy cheap diablo 3 gold, great song 2 happy birthday, make a wish,Tera Account, will have the opportunity to get activity activation code and draw 500 yuan worth of prizes, while the game will roll play game player winning information.
In the activity area post friend, on the floor in the lucky and the value of 100 yuan of recharge cards gift oh!These two activities please friendly friends attention when the music network, nine travel, music news, mobile games mobile games network (world net and ranked according to the first letters sorting) related activities!Surprise three: celebrated Carnival bonfire Festival anniversary of the fire festival, on November 15th -28 days, the entire clothing game player to ignite the fire and burning, can obtain Daguai experience plus 1.
5 times.Complete the mission activity, including skills can also be on-hook card, skills, can lower pet savvy Saver, a level 40 pet skills package bonus,Tera Power Leveling!Years of circulation, the eternal classic!"Big gallant

an annual fee of 89.99 pounds

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Super hero assault theme network "(DC micro-blog) comic book hero online" website released the latest video.New video shows Oolong Island (micro-blog) details,diablo 3 gold, this is a &ldquo in the South China Sea; very unusual area,cheap GW2 Gold, ” “ full of mad scientists and all their creation in ”.
DC comic book hero online Oolong Island video "DC comic book hero online" in America today released Friday,Mists of Pandaria Cd Key, will be published in england.Platform for PS3 and PC,Tera Power Leveling, monthly fee for 9.99 pounds, quaternary fee of $27.
99,SWTOR Gold, and the first half of the year can enjoy the preferential price of 49.99 pounds.In PC platform, an annual fee of 89.99 pounds, lifelong subscription price was 129.99 pounds.The current PS3 version of the game has yet to open the life order.