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"Erlang" famous overseas online advertising featuring animal greats
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2012-06-15 17:39:53
Now the network community, various adorable turned the animal has become a topic of users preference.
Cats and dogs of various adorable graph and video always in micro-blog and various SNS caused high reprint volume.However, there are few so that we can call out the name of the animal star appeared recently,aion kinah, Japan's “ &rdquo and “ cat uncle; Jun mediated ” but let us mercilessly pursued a, recently, another animal star because of a online and was born.
The online advertising as a result of at home and abroad three landmark play, which named “ the ” gorilla suddenly famous overseas.To view this named “ the ” gorilla is the net swims "journey" 2 new versions of the "journey" 2S image slices of the protagonist,Guild Wars 2 CD Key, the advertisement has landed on the New York Times Square, Akihabara, and in Taiwan the three representative landmark.
In the spot, the “ ” wearing a blue and white striped sailor's striped shirt, a laptop computer to laugh and make all kinds of funny face, looks very focused on the things on the screen, very lovable, advertising the “ Journey 2 global in public beta & rdquo; the words, it is understood, enabled the gorilla for the advertising character meaning “ relaxed and happy to play the game ”,cheap diablo 3 gold, also hope to pass "journey" is committed to bring 2S game player happy philosophy.
Because of the advertisements in the world's three largest business district landmark to turn the play,buy tera gold, suddenly let this lovable gorilla “ the ” focus on the eyes of the world, attracted people around the world's watch.
The netizen expresses, "the journey 2S" the ad was very creative, whenever I see simmer with laughter, “ Erlang brought us a happy relaxed ” otherwise, the netizen expresses, for Erlang can so fit photographed this advertisement expressed amazement.
Gorilla “ how can then listen to the ” “ look at the contents of the screen. ”.For a time,buy d3 gold, the “ ” in the name of the network has become the largest number of animal was mentioned in one of the stars.
Look at the big picture can be seen, online advertising sheet is not necessarily to enable star, beauty can be successful animal, with its unique &ldquo adorable; ” trait can easily touch the audience heart the softest part, so as to achieve impressive results.

hot weather

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"The human resource configurations" swimsuit beauty reproducing extreme "Shen Yu beauty"
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2012-06-23 16:58:24
With the "human resource configurations" May 16th free online open, the weather is hot in summer, hot weather,Tera Power Leveling, why?Believe taking a cool shower is most comfortable.
The gorgeous beauty,Blade and soul account, "" now human resource configurations of sex appeal younger sister also reproduce the "Shi Shen Yu" this miracle, just let a person be surprised is, the sex appeal younger sister charm crossed a head a bit,buy diablo 3 account, heavy fish is really big.
.. Look at the game pack up all kinds of martial arts professionals, although it '' the world is too real, but this year MM appropriate nudity to call GG love, so you sisters, let oneself more cool some! The water Yihong,buy wow gold, water quality is clear, natural health and rich in mineral substances beneficial to the human body, this is simply the nature of my call ah! The human resource configurations viewing level visual experience,diablo 3 power leveling, bring game player are realistic graphics, you absolutely have to cool summer real feel! So, even 400 years ago in the Ming Dynasty, the beautiful woman bathing as by all the pups in favor of oh.

only more thunder

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Our newly introduced the first 3D prehistoric online pet "stone of the world" will be held today (November 28th) 22 points to end satisfactorily,Buy Tera Account!Accompanied by online success,Buy Tera Account, more perfect "stone of the
world" will also show you!In December 18th, "stone implement world" will usher in the open test, better, richer, more exciting, more close to the game player idea content will be with the open beta version
of debut together,SWTOR Power Leveling, will fully satisfy every game player's dream!We look forward to working with you again in the stone of the world!> > > click on the "stone of the world" / "stone implement world"
open beta in December 18th opened today, will share together with everybody "stone implement world" online anecdotes, with memories to the vision of a better future of stone!Wonderful online market: no
the thunder, only more thunder; not the most embarrassed, only more embarrassed,cheapest diablo 3 gold!The most popular online — — (hot index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆) "stone of the world" online game player opened on the same
day, almost the same time to enter the game, resulting in new village of overcrowding,Diablo III gold, novice task NPC is submerged in the vast sea of humanity in the … … NPC where are you ~ ~ ~ on page

at the same time no lifetime version &rdquo

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Begin from yesterday,buy diablo 3 gold, Netease "StarCraft 2" simplified Chinese edition formally in a domestic network store shelves to sell, price is 9.9 yuan, the official said discs are mainly those of not easy to download the client and download speed is not the ideal user prepared.
Look at the big picture but soon we found this offer simplified Chinese edition CD,L2 Adena, no Key and lifelong package for any clues and sign,Tera Power Leveling, this also let some game player disappointed.According to the survey had four into the game player said he would consider to buy lifelong bag long play "StarCraft 2 game player", others said they would not play or not to play a long-term "StarCraft 2",diablo 3 powerleveling, therefore a insiders revealed by serving the country star toll mode & ldquo; no CDKEY,Diablo III gold, at the same time no lifetime version ” the message is likely to be true, or at least in the short term intranet easy would not launch a lifelong packet service.

more dangerous

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Blade and soul account

May sunshine, hot sun exudes the eternal light,GW2 CD Key, all the way to pursue the bright brave, will be the final glory!VLA sky's 2.5D Dark Kingdom online giant "sacred legend" will be held on May 16th to open hot Glory online, character level 90 upper limit, beyond the artifact level 75 that best suit,SWTOR Gold, drop boss quality of gold jewelry of exciting content in Glory online version.
The more open “ online send bound gold ” the free money mode, bound gold store goods free of charge for you!Look at the big picture of unreal Valley personal grade again promote open level 90 upper dear warriors, have you forgotten limit escalation of pleasure, while laziness to no longer seek capacity limit?The Glory online edition will open 90 level cap and the corresponding task, let you regain promotion of pleasure, the pursuit of higher character, let you make the pinnacle of the game.
In the open level cap of 90 at the same time, "sacred legend" also will open more magnificent; ornate; fascinating maps, shapes, vicious monster brutal boss, Sauron the mainland will become larger, more dangerous, more exciting!Quickly raise your level, enhance individual ability, Sauron Mainland become brave adventurer.
Look at the big picture of the equipment to upgrade 75 level that cloth you made dear warriors, whether you are no longer satisfied 45 that set attributes,buy diablo 3, and wanted to pursue a more powerful force?The online edition of the glory that will open 75 class set, relative to the 45 levels of that set,Tera Power Leveling, it will more satisfy the high grade game player for the equipment attribute demand; 75 level that suits more beautiful appearance of animation,Lineage 2 Adena, will also make the high grade game player like the sun shine people to.
"Sacred legend" that set as a game in which the strongest attribute of the equipment, not by character kill drop boss, but by the game player own forging.“ my hand wrought I for ” on their own hands, to create the strongest equipment, let oneself become Sauron continent the strongest brave, achievement of legend.
A [1] [2] [3] 3.Content_load_line{margin-top:20px}.Content_load_but a border: solid 1px {font-size:12px; #D5E4F2; background:#F4F9FB; auto margin: 0; height:22px; overflow:hidden; display:block; line-height:22px; text-align:center; text-decoration:none; color:#858BB6! Important}.

profound understanding and interpretation of the

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The real world objects of art,SWTOR Credit, games, fashion,Diablo III gold, is "the hero island" of all production staff for the “ inspired by the life of ” profound understanding and interpretation of the, now,D3 gold, let us
follow is involved in the internal technical test domain employees,Buy Guild Wars 2 CD Key, to games found in the real world scenes,buy wow gold!Invincible real giveaway - Gorgeous European-style roof invincible real giveaway - luxury curtains

a very ordinary person origin.

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As the fantasy works,Buy GW2 CD Key, the most attractive than its plot.From the mortal people into the void, greatly discerning and apprehending broken,cheap tera gold, fantasy world lead colorful experience is always envy.However, in fact, for the ordinary people, to be a million people admire the people is not far away.
Click to see the big sea monster “ hands holding a bowl of rice,Diablo III gold, running is also not forget hard to pull a few mouth bow.Near to, ambiguous asked: “ Tom (mother) mother, grace, (how)?” — — "Dongsheng China Zhi" hero teenager original tiger appeared, who can think of this kid could finally in three five people struggle to turn back the powers of darkness?Throughout the abstruse unreal novel hero, from "no pole diabolism" Ding Hao to the "blasphemy" of Roger,buy diablo 3, a very ordinary person origin.
Visible,cheapest diablo 3 gold, comprehension of the people may not be born door or was immersed in the atmosphere of Taoism, mortal immortal devil story it is often seen.As long as their own efforts unremittingly, Zhengguo Xiucheng point the day and await for it.

energy peak

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Hazy moonlight shadow dancing, in all corners of the country children are broken, Zhong hepatobiliary, inscribed the immortal legend.Jinshan limit group attack action online "film legend" limit does not delete archives testing open, three new services volley.
Super cute adorable hermit type to join his family line, intervene, the ten major sects feudal lords vying for the throne,buy tera gold, everyone can enjoy an enemy hundred with great eloquence![] the ten major sects propaganda film,Buy Guild Wars 2 CD Key, Shaolin, Wudang Emei,Tera Account, Cuiyan, Zoroastrianism, beggars, Wudu,aion kinah, Tang door,diablo 3 gold, Kunlun, kings, "film legend" the ten major sects are group of attack and no treatment of occupation, more test operation and with the game player.
Among them, Tang door, poisonous, Cuiyan Kunlun, four major sects to the charge is directly added in role, and for his recruitment to experience.The ten major sects all flowers bloom together. As feudal lords vying for the throne, the game “ limit attack group, with one enemy 100 ” ultimate shuang.
Look at the big picture [] new opening up new services information services open time: November 14th afternoon 14:00 new clothes open area []: telecommunication area haze Valley, energy peak; [] [Netcom area cleaning cream road tour for network (uuu9.
com) editor: small music].Content_load_line{margin-top:20px}.Content_load_but {font-size:12px solid; border: 1px #D5E4F2; background:#F4F9FB; margin:0 Auto; height:22px; overflow:hidden; display:block; line-height: 22px; text-align:center; text-decoration:none; color:#858BB6! Important}.

a boat in the river.

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The first round of martial arts masterpiece "New Heaven Sword and dragon knife", another world, another martial arts to enjoy to game player.Today,diablo 3 power leveling, "the New Heaven Sword and dragon sword" will be the first game original painting exposure,Buy GW2 CD Key, let the game player once again appreciate beautiful scenery of lakes.
At the same time, to celebrate the 2 anniversary of the establishment of "La Gang is online,diablo 3 gold cheap, New Heaven Sword and dragon sword" will also introduce double gift for game player.La Gang is online agent operation "New Heaven Sword and dragon knife" to the aesthetic of the game screen, “ ” &ldquo &rdquo created the martial arts novel;;, unique “ Group Mastery ” and “ &rdquo five elements meridian; system game features,D3 gold, will be the most pure arena show game player, the game player really appreciate as a knight of the fun and in all corners of the country hard feeling.
The scene the original painting exposure,Tera Account, also make the game player more intuitive to enjoy the "New Heaven Sword and dragon knife" and other scenic lakes.The little green shadows Bitan, that touch of blue grass fields and the river breeze, with ups and downs, a boat in the river.

great star war 45 game player can enter

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diablo 3 gold cheap

Following the morning star of hope after the war, "new Potianyijian" will once again heavy attack, then in succession in the near future as Star Wars opening,Diablo 3 Items, Si Ling star wars!Let you enjoy the hot stimulation!Star Wars had no experience of spirit world will not understand new Star Wars opening!In the battlefield is a hero, the opening of the new star wars and star of hope as "war will meet the different needs of different game player, to provide you with more extreme visual feast!In addition to the number of monsters will be based on the game player registration number and make corresponding adjustment, so the battle you can never be careful oh.
Now, the lower level of game player is also eligible to feel the hot atmosphere,diablo 3 power leveling, great star war 45 game player can enter, Kenneth star of hope is game player grade 65, Si Ling is level 70, here is the challenge against the master, not only have courage and patience,SWTOR Power Leveling, you need to face such as incoming tide swarms of ferocious monster, also need to beware of behind the idler's attack,diablo 3 gold buy, so this is not common people who can break into the.
Of course, if you are fortunate enough to win, war, nature is little not everywhere as you pick up treasures.Then in the star wars did not open before the patient expectations,Buy Tera Account!Wonderful is in the end oh!"New
Potianyijian" cool to no limit!"New Potianyijian" official site: click the "new Potianyijian" Gongce account registration address: click the register "new Potianyijian" beta full client download address: