The Electronic Cigarette and Why It's Better Than Traditional Cigs

January 15, 2013 by chard56raft   comments (0)

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It can be a challenge for smokers to simply do what they want without having other persons judge them for doing so. Thankfully, one of the major goals of the e cigarette is to do away with the bad judgment and produce a more beneficial experience for the smoker. The greatest factor why most people in society don't like smoking is due to the bad stench that comes from the smoke.

You no longer have to worry about all the individuals judging you, because the e cigarette will emit vapor instead of smoke. Vapor is a lighter in weight substance that doesn’t stick around for hours. Cigarette smoke can stay on almost any sort of surface, such as clothes, hair, breath, furniture, and car. Even worse, the terrible smell can adhere around for many hours and sometimes days. The good news is, smoke is some thing you will definitely not have to worry about with the electronic cigarette. As talked about previously, this amazing apparatus gives out vapor and not smoke. With a conventional cigarette, you have got to light it up and burn up the ingredients inside the cig. With an e cigarette, all you have to do is charge its battery and the heating mechanism will produce the vapor for you every time you inhale it.

The actuality that you do not require a match or a cigarette lighter is one of the most effective characteristics of the electronic cigarette. The product is not a combustible product, as it is entirely driven by a battery. The battery itself is rechargeable, which allows the best form of convenience to the consumer. It can be charged at home with a standard wall charger wherever there is a wall socket. You can also charge the e cig by linking it to a computer through a USB cable, which means you can charge it at the workplace or possibly on your laptop. A different method you can charge this excellent gadget is with a car charger, making it the greatest approach to charge if you are frequently on the move or when you are taking a long road trip.

So why is the battery essential? The machine needs to be powered by the battery in order to heat up the liquid that includes the flavor and nicotine. There are a couple kinds of flavors that improve the smoking experience, such as menthol and tobacco. The liquid also includes nicotine that is delivered to the smokers when they inhale. The liquid is warmed up by a component regarded as the atomizer, that quickly changes the liquid into vapor.

The e cig should not be regarded as as a way to quit smoking. Alternatively, it should be considered at as a method to keep smoking. Of course, there are crystal clear distinctions between an e cig and a traditional cigarette, such as one being a combustible and one being electronic. On top of that, one produces vapor and the other generates smoke. However, both are directed to give people a fantastic smoking experience. Obviously, only one of these two achieves that task. The e cig was made to offer the consumer the greatest experience possible by eliminating the things that people loathe about smoking and retaining all the things that men and women love about it.

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