The Way In Which Your Website Effects Your Search Engine Traffic

December 14, 2012 by chloewatson368   comments (0)

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There is no doubt that relating to search engine optimization, backlinks to your site is the central element.

But if you are working in competitive market segments, the website elements could be the difference between having a first page listing and a low page position - and this therefore could be worth thousands of extra dollars.

Okay so what are the crucial website factors?

The very first is certainly your title tag. This is the meta tag which gets placed in the header section and becomes the title of your page.

The crucial thing is to put your most important keyword(s) at the very start of that title tag.

You ought to be focusing on no more than 2 or possibly three major search phrases inside any one single title, and therefore any one website page.

The second important website element is your internal links. This is the component which can be not addressed, but could be extremely effective particularly when you have a site which is relatively large.

The basic notion is that as with inbound links, all the links located within your website that connect your pages let Google recognize which pages you think are the most important and any key terms you're trying to focus on using these pages.

So you link between your own pages using your main search phrases as the anchor text of all those links.

The third factor that you should be mindful of is your page's content.

The days are gone when you needed to worry about stuffing the keyword onto your web page as often as possible.

Whilst it is very important for the keywords to be mentioned a couple of times, it's even more vital for you to compose article content that is unique and useful.

This content must be read easily and really should include various other relevant key terms to your top keyword so that Google can see you are writing about the subject in a natural way.

If you are looking for ways to give your website a little kick in the search engines, or to improve the results you've attained with your own link-building efforts, making some small adjustments to the site itself could be the answer.

Your initial job is to consider your title and ensure it's targeting the right keyword.

Then go through your website and find out if there are any places where you can create some inner links to enhance the search rankings of a few of your top keywords.

And lastly look at your content and ensure that it is unique and provides value to the visitor.

By taking proper care of these 3 aspects, your link building endeavours will be more greatly rewarded.