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The Xbox Pro offers both wireless, as well as the wired, controller options. Together with moreover, its installation is a pretty easy task. However, it does not support co axial cables but instead only optical digital. There are further two version solutions which are the Gold as well as the Silver versions. The former version allows users entry to Xbox Live Marketplace, whereby they will often communicate with other Xbox 360 game users. The latter, in contrast, promises accessibility to all its available features and on top of that, play games online. The system also allows you to view pictures, movies and any other stuff on CDs or DVDs.

Another great feature in the Xbox 360 is that it lets you access the online market place and also download stuff, much like a PC. It also proves one through an awesome gaming experience having its High-Definition clarity. The company comes with a warranty of one season on its console. That furthermore, offers a 3 a few months one on its accessories that usually come implementingwithin the whole package.


PlayStation 3 and Nintendo wii now have competition, the new and modified Xbox 360 Elite system Game Console an updated version of Playstation 3. This newly modified version in the Xbox 360 has the enhanced HDMI feature and a hard disk of 120 GB. It is now available in black colour and is said to be six times larger than the original Xbox 360. The expandable memory is indeed huge than it can accommodate the full library of Xbox Stay Arcade Games.

With regard to the physical look and design the new Microsoft Xbox 360 is in black colour with a sleek and shiny accomplish. It has a great grip due to the size and can get mixed conveniently with some other gadgets. One who gets to look into it then, will notice it's quite similar to that Microsoft 360 Premium. The most effective feature of this product is its 120 GB space which includes a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). While using the latest technology, this artwork appear crisp and crystal clear. This product is also appropriate for a high definition cable and MS Windows xp Media Centre.

Choosing the right console is not just about the design or the outside features but more importantly, it should be n accessible and should pack a whole lot of fun.


The new Microsoft Xbox 360 system Kinect is phase 2 in the evolution of matches with its revolutionary full body motion detection technology. Microsoft has really revolutionized the gambling world by completely removing the necessity for a controller.

By incorporating several modern motion detection sensors, cameras, camcorders and microphones, the Kinect makes your body the controller. The facial recognition software actually detects different players faces and loads their profiles when they enter the room.

To aid celebrate this revolutionary new product, many advertising companies are offering special promotional offers to get a free Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle to help increase the hype surrounding the product. Finding these offers are your best chance to get a Kinect for free this holiday season before it sells out in stores.

These advertising companies can now offer free products like this in exchange for fundamental marketing information from people. xbox 360 microsoft