Dating Tips - How to Act On A First Date

January 28, 2012 by elihewitt279   comments (0)

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OK so you're so excited the hottie you've your eyes on finally gave you her phone number. You worked up the courage to call her up and ask her on to start dating ?. At this time your heart is racing and you are wondering you skill to ensure the date is fun for you personally and her, and also guarantee you will get many more dates down the road.

If you're like the majority of men you probably believed that the correct move to make on the first date would be to bring roses and chocolates when you go to pick her up. Take her out to a fancy restaurant where you will be in your best behavior and ask her about her family and her religion -- being careful to not offend her by any means. You may then accept everything she says. You'll also act very respectable and neutered. In fact, you're afraid she'll think you may have any kind of sexual opinion of her.

After the night time you have to pay for the expensive dinner and drive her back home. When you get to her house, she's quick to get away from your car.

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As you two are going to part she lets you know that she enjoyed the night time and that she'll call you to schedule the following date.

It never happens and also you never hear from her again.

What exactly went wrong? Had you been not nice enough? Did she not like the spot where you took her? Maybe you aren't attractive enough? Not even close to it...

The problem is you're acting like 99% of the guys available. You're kissing up to her!

Women don't want men that kiss up to them and act "nice" towards them. They do not feel attraction for these kinds of men. They would like to have some fun. They would like to be challenged. They want excitement!

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This is what to do instead.

Do not take her to a fancy restaurant where you'll have awkward and boring conversations. Think of something that YOU like to do after which call her up and tell her you're doing such and such and that she should join you because it will be FUN! Not to mention cheaper for the bank account.

While on the date, Don't act neutered or "proper." Instead, tease the heck out of her. Take something that she does that's a little weird and make fun from it. Find something interesting who are around you making a funny comment about this. Lead the interaction. Women love men that lead.

Act relaxed, do not take it too seriously. You are aiming to possess fun and if it goes well then great. Otherwise, that's okay too.

As this is the first time understanding each other, don't seriously too strong. On first dates, a woman's thought process usually goes something similar to this:

"I find him just a little interesting. I think he likes me but we'll see where it goes."

Along with a man's thought process usually goes something like this:

"Wow she's so hot, she is going to be considered a great girlfriend or perhaps a wife."

As you can imagine, the person is looking at this girl like a potential wife and also the woman is relaxed on and on using the flow.

This causes more pressure than normal for men so stop considering her that way! There's going to be something which you aren't going to like about her. So chill out and be cool. You'll have a far better chance at getting a second date and taking things to the next level.