Bail Bonds: Common Misconceptions

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Today, you might have the added stress to be responsible for hiring a bail bondsman to create bail. Before freaking out and putting yourself in an even worse position, below are a few common misconceptions that people have about bail bonds. The following statements are commonly believed, but completely fictitious.

Bail Provides are Negotiable

This is certainly a false statement. Some sort of judge determines how high to set the bail costs together with State Legislation determines precisely what the bail bonds companies are allowed to charge. In California, for instance, a Los angeles bail bondsman is permitted to charge a fee of 10% of the total bail bond price. This fee is non-negotiable. If a bail bondsman offers some sort of discount or coupon, he then is either lying to you or breaking the law. It is not worth the risk try using a bail bondsman who is usually operating illegally.

Bail Bondsmen Charge High Interest for Financing

To the plus side, the law mandating that this bail fee also translates that interest rates cannot end up charged. Some bail bonds establishments offer financing plans with regard to indemnitors who cannot afford to pay for the entire sum at a time. Typically, you must provide collateral or prove a very good credit history so as to receive a long-term repayment plan, but as soon when approved, the bondsman is not legally allowed to charge interest over the payments because that would improve the price above the predetermined fee. When a bail bondsman attempts to charge extra, you don't need to to pay it.

The Indemnitor has no Responsibility after Bail is actually Posted

This is possibly the most common misconception. After the arrestee is released from your bail bonds contact, you may feel so relieved that you may forget that there holds work ahead. Your defendant now has to deal with his court case, including finding a lawyer who can demonstrate innocence. However your main job as being the indemnitor is so that the defendant attends all scheduled court dates. If they miss even one lacking any excuse, the bail bonds business does not receive a refund of the bond and will make an attempt to recoup some of their losses with the bond signee. Besides making the arrestee look accountable, jumping bail will additionally hurt your wallet. So make sure that the defendant does not necessarily skip trial.


Ethics is an imperative thing in determining a reliable bail bonds agency in Los angeles. From this industry this statement is particularly crucial as an individual who is attempting to bail another using legal issues should first ensure likely operating within the legal system to accomplish this. What can I expect to pay for a bail bonds solution in LA? California law states that the bail bondsman has to charge 10% in the bail fee set by the court. Every increase or discount to this number is a violation of California's legislation with commercial bail.

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