If You’re A Long-Time Sufferer Of TMJ Pain, TMJ Treatment In Kearney Will Provide You With Relief

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And for New Jersey residents who need effective treatment, TMJ treatment in Kearny will help manage this condition. But for those of you who are unknowingly suffering with this condition, we’d like to share some important information. TMJ is a condition that describes the discomfort you feel in your lower jaw, where your mandible attaches to your skull.

This temporomandibular joint is where the mandible and skull connect, and is often the site of acute inflammation. Many of the more common TMJ signs and symptoms are listed below.

If you experience frequent difficulty with biting or chewing, or if this activity is painful, this could be an early sign of TMJ. This means mealtimes can go from a pleasant social activity to a painful chore.

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On occasion, TMJ sufferers may also find it challenging or painful to open and close the mouth. This becomes glaringly obvious when you try to put a piece of food in your mouth (e.g., bite an apple or simply enjoy a spoonful of soup). Many describe this feeling as having a locking sensation in the jaw. A locked jaw may also be accompanied by a clicking noise.

The ears are also affected by the TMJ disorder. Ear symptoms may include pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and a noticeable loss of hearing.

Others may notice an increase in migraine or tension headaches, dizziness, neck and shoulder pain.

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While it is true that several conditions can cause these symptoms, these are very common among TMJ sufferers. You should also note that significant structural or enamel damage could occur by frequent clenching or grinding of the teeth. In fact, structural damage may require cosmetic dentistry, which can include everything from dental implants to the application of porcelain dental veneers. Regardless of the symptoms you experience, your TMJ treatment or corrective procedure can be handled in one place (e.g., dental veneers in Kearney).

In any case, just be certain to make your treatment plan a priority. If you fear you are suffering from this condition, you should opt for the best treatment in the state -- TMJ treatment in Kearney.