The Options For Simple Brazilian Hair Company Systems

December 23, 2013 by Rudy Boren   comments (0)

Previously, there have been many ways for girls to try and straighten their hair. This is particularly true during amounts of time where flat ironed, straight hair was in vogue. The absolute most simplistic way that women used to straighten their hair, was to lay her hair on an ironing board, and iron her hair straight. In the African-American community, women use pressing combs initially, and they use chemical straightening relaxers to straighten their hair. This process works, but the sole problem is that the ingredients are too harsh for Caucasians, and for many other categories of women, and their hair. Latina women have special challenges with their hair. For a very important factor, some of them have slightly frizzy hair, and some of them have frizzy hair which they would like to have permanently straight to save lots of time. This is the reason one solution originates from a Latin country in South America called Brazil. Brazil has produced two versions of their very own straightening solutions. There's the Brazilian blowout, and then there's the Brazilian Keratin solution.

The Brazilian blowout requires that a chemical be put on the client's hair. Once that chemical is applied, then the client is set in a seat, while they will receive a conventional blowout. There are major problems with this process. The key issue is with the usage of formaldehyde. When this method first came out, women actually had to utilize military grade masks in order to have the ability to withstand the fumes that have been being applied on their hair. Because this really is extremely dangerous, and because many people saw the insanity with this, a fresh approach to straightening hair was developed.

This really is when the following generation of Brazilian hair straightening came about. This really is called a keratin straightening solution. What this entails, is the application form of a keratin conditioner. Then process is finished with a hair straightening iron that's extremely hot. The client is not allowed to wet their hair, or apply any hair accessories with their hair for 72 hours. resource