A Good to the Extreme Becomes a Danger - Example - Political Correctness - Fort Hood's Terrorism!

September 18, 2013 by Thesiasat.com a political discussion site   comments (0)

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President Obama seemingly can't utilize the words "Islamic terrorism", not even "terrorism" alone to spell it out what happened when a distraught army (Muslim) psychiatrist went berserk, shot and killed fellow US soldiers at random - shouting "Allah Achbah". A "tragedy" says the president; "No, it is a travesty" say critics of liberalism's "political correctness" - by causing a reluctance to react to the countless signals of extremism this man gave out: a lecture to fellow medics given on Islam and the Koran instead of on surgical procedure; a score of attempts to contact Islamic radicals overseas; political arguments with military patients about the justification for war in Iran and Afghanistan; openly proclaiming that Muslim soldiers shouldn't be delivered to war against fellow Muslims; "I'm a Muslim first and an American second!". Just how many warnings were missed? What excuse could be given to the grieving groups of the thirteen dead? This first deadly terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11 - within an army camp, believe it or not - might have been prevented. Why was it not?

The liberal media are full of explanations to avoid the obvious - blaming the traumatic stress syndrome caused by unjust wars - apparently (by apologist view) infecting even a heretofore nonparticipant in those wars by only speaking with the returning wounded. Needless to say, the "tipping point" to this military officer was his scheduled deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq - and the conflict between his religious beliefs and having to war against fellow Muslims.

We forget: hundreds of thousands of American-Germans (and American-Italians, American-Japanese et al), were sent to war in World War II. What could have been the media reaction if one of them had opted berserk about his anger at being delivered to fight European Germans - and had shouted, "Heil Hitler!" before indiscriminately shooting scores of fellow soldiers?
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