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Earning money Using Facebook...

We Internet Marketers will always be researching the most profitable ways to make money online and promoting our business to targeted people. Facebook is the most powerful social media system that we can use today, free of charge, so why not utilize it within our benefit to promote our business?

So... How can we make money online using Facebook?

Interesting question, Facebook can be treated like a direct portal which will drive targeted prospects into your webpages, in which you promote an item or in which you just want to have more people registering into your lists. Facebook Can perform that in an exceedingly powerful way... let me introduce you the Facebook PAGES!

What is a Facebook Page? It is simply like your personal profile, but will be treated as a stand-alone "Profile" where one can promote your business. You won't have any "Friends" in a Facebook Page, instead you will have "LIKES", and those Likes can come from people visiting your Page and finding the content interesting on their behalf.

What's the Power of the, you might be asking? When someone Likes your Page, he'll start receiving on HIS wall all of the comments and updates that you make to your PAGE. So having a single comment you are able to reach thousands of people.

Just imagine you have a Page with 100 Likes, 100 persons which are attached to your business, regularly checking your updates. When you post something new, this post will get posted on all those person's Walls. And what can happen next? EVERY friend of these persons may be watching his Wall, and they WILL notice your post too!

Are you currently beginning to see the strength of this? just one post can go VIRAL very easily!

But please notice that it is not that simple to achieve this task. As any real and well planned Internet Marketing strategy, you have to invest effort and time to build a good-looking Page with good content, that draws people's attention. If you're serious in this business, you will find Facebook like a fantastic source to advertise your company.

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Now let's discuss ways to get Likes...

To begin with, you need to know immediately that this process takes time, you won't get 1000 Likes in one day to a different.

You can purchase traffic you may think, let me tell you that I tested this myself and it failed. I purchased 1000 Loves to my Fan Page and that i discovered that those people were unresponsive, but unresponsive whatsoever.

So, my most sage advice for you is to just focus on it by yourself, and be patient.

Let's review some quick Advice on how you can market your Fan Page towards the Facebook community:

Recommend your Fan Page for your friends, making use of your main Profile. And let them know to spread the word. This maybe may be the fastest way to get some activity to your Fan Page, but it will only depend on just how much friends you've and how cool they might be to help you out.

Join related Fan Pages. Just look on their behalf, find those that have daily activity, both from the who owns the page and from people posting comments on it. Like those Pages and post comments in it. But beware, please DO NOT make spam promotion since it is very annoying, just add some value into your posts, share with the community links, videos, some articles produced by you maybe, and that i guarantee that people will notice your Page once they see you contribute good things to them.

Make Posts inside your Fan Page regularly. Just like point 2, however with your Fan Page. Dedicate a maximum of 30 minutes a day carrying this out, just seek for some valuable content that people might see helpful, and share! If you have an energetic website with good content, you will curently have Plenty of information to share in your Page. Same applies with videos, articles that you might already have.

After you acquire some people Liking your Page, you will start generating automatic traffic every time you post a comment on your Wall. Those individuals will have your post commented on their wall, and their friends will notice it as well. Viral Traffic for free!