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shower replacement lombard

Elegant Bathrooms by Charles & Edward

Charles & Edward has spent more than 40 years building and remodeling bathrooms within the greater Chicagoland area. Whether your project is big or small, your financial allowance large or limited, we can supply you with a solution that will have you feeling happy with your home…and proud of your decision to work with Charles & Edward.

Whether you arrived at us with few ideas or perhaps an entire notebook of thoughts and sketches, we will show you toward realizing the bathroom you've always dreamt of. We're well versed in the latest designs and constructions, and may offer suggestions that help you are making the most of your time, space, and investment. With our product knowledge and application skills, problems in later life how all components interact to provide the kind of environment you desire - from relaxing and tranquil to organized and functional.

shower replacement lombard

Steps to Planning Your brand-new Bath:

- Take serious amounts of jot down your “I need”, and “I want” lists: prioritize each list

- Decide whether you'll make use of the existing space, or expand the bath. Expansion generally would be commandeering space from an adjoining closet, bedroom, or even the like, for example.

- Decide on a reasonable time frame that you would really like the job completed

- Think about how exactly you would like to finance the project

- Contact us for a Free In-Home Consultation

- Relax and let us put our 30+ yrs. experience to work for you!

At Charles & Edward, we take great pride in our capability to complete projects quickly and efficiently. Our completion times happen to be documented at 33% faster than our competitors. Whenever you work with Charles & Edward, bathrooms could be designed and installed with minimal disruption for your day to day activities - eliminating the frustration of lengthy projects.

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Charles & Edward provides a full-service customer experience like none other. Your ideas are the springboard for the following great bathroom project. Let’s discuss your needs and observe how well we deliver!