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Not over alcoholic it's dry but with fantastic pristine fruit, very easy drinking and could not give you heartburn and we stayed on it through out the dinner. After considerable debate we all chose different things off the menu to get a good idea of that which was on offer.

I saw it a homemade tagliatelle with venison ragout pursued by roast halibut with cabbage together with caraway. The venison ragout was the highlight to do but everyone's dishes challenged the taste buds and sensibilities. The presentation of the meals was very imaginative plus they are seriously trying here. This service was efficient, charming and friendly and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The portions are tiny which don't matter as we had eaten late the night time before, had breakfast and were after being tempted by food rather than stoking up. But if you were inside mood to just normally eat then you must eat 4 courses plus the appetisers to fill up which will not be a inexpensive experience. The lunch for several cost 400 euros for just two courses each, with 3 bottles of wine with a tip. We'd all go back and felt that's was worthy of its michelin star.

Cafe VAU

Jä gerstraß e 54/55

10117 Berlin


For any of you that love thrillers, especially those set in a historical context than the Bernie Gunther novels authored by Scottish author Philip Kerr must go to the top of your Christmas holiday reading list. Bernie comes in the mould of just about all hard boiled detectives but being German and require Berlin during the war years he has a very particular historical past.

To a quick background sketch:

Bernie Gunther can be a former soldier (he fought with the Wehrmacht on the Turkish Top in WW I) together with an ex-cop (an inspector for any Kriminalpolizei). People first meet him within 'March Violets' working for a private eye in that pre-World War II years of Berlin focusing on missing persons. Due to the rise of National Socialism, company is brisk although Bernie contains a habit of making enemies while using the powers that be, specifically the Nazi State.

March Violets is with two more books occured Berlin; 'A Pale Criminal' and 'A Languages like german Requiem'. All three are stylishly written, powerfully evocative and provides a convincing picture involving life in Germany before, during and once the war. Being a character, Bernie follows in the great private eye tradition of Hammett and Chandler and also the books, using their in-your-face history lesson, create them one of best and most intriguing historical detective line.

After the trilogy was published most people die-hard fans thought which Bernie Gunther had gone away himself thus marking your quick end of among the list of truly great detective people of 20th century fiction. Nevertheless, when 15 years of vital acclaim for what became known as 'The Berlin Trilogy' it seems Philip Kerr did way too and in 2006 he made a decision to bring Bernie back from the dead.?? In 'One From the Other' we caught up with Bernie managing a failing hotel in the shadow in the Dachau concentration camp, considering re-opening his private detective agency inside brave new world with American-occupied Germany. With 2008 we were treated all over again to 'A Quiet Flame'. Berlin cheap hotels