Reverse Cable Curls For Thicker Arms

September 9, 2012 by jocelynfleming58   comments (0)

how to get bigger arms

Understanding how to get bigger arms is perhaps one of the most popular objectives pursued by the majority of people in bodybuilding. Many weight lifters aim a large part of their efforts on building their arms to the highest degree.

The common technique used by the majority of people for grasping how to get bigger arms is the biceps and triceps approach of dividing the arm into two muscle groups.

In addition to biceps and triceps there is a third muscle group that most of the people don’t know about and for that reason they don't concentrate on it…

The group of muscles I am referring to is brachialis. It runs down the side of the arm between the biceps and the triceps.

If you are actually interested in grasping how to get bigger arms and if you want to maximize your upper arm girth, then including brachialis workout in your training routine will certainly assist you in achieving your target fast. It will complete your arm development and assist you to achieve the greatest degree of overall arm growth possible.

There are plenty of brachialis exercises that you can do for example ez-bar curls, preacher curls and hammer curls.

Today I’ll be talking over one of my favorites: the reverse cable curl

Stand up, bend your knees a bit and keep your feet at a shoulder width distance. Attach a straight bar to a standing cable equipment and grip it with your hands also almost shoulder width away.

When you grip the bar, your hands should be facing downward different from the regular curls where your palms should face up. By doing this, the stress will be put on the brachialis and not the biceps.

Just like you do the regular curl, you will do the reverse cable curl. While you are curling the weight upward, make sure that your elbows do not move forward and your shoulders are down and back.

For the concentric part (lifting stage) of the exercise, move the load as hard and quickly as you can while still having full control. For the negative part (lowering phase), lower the weight with a good 2-3 second controlled negative.

Continue the set until you can’t get any further rep in correct way. I’d suggest having the rep range for this workout around Eight or ten.

When must you do your reverse cable curls? One rule is true for all brachialis workouts here; do them once you have finished your biceps work.

It's done this way to refrain from fatiguing the biceps, which is certainly a bigger muscle group in comparison with brachialis.

All right, that addresses the topic of brachialis muscles. The one-line tip here is “do your brachialis workout one or two times each week after doing your bicep training in order to obtain greatest degree of development for your arms”.

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