Five Tips for Learning to Pole Dance

February 25, 2012 by johndenny442   comments (0)

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If you’ve ever considered learning to pole dance, you’re not the only one. Courses are showing up everywhere, and more women are discovering every day the benefits (and fun) of pole dancing for fitness. Learning how isn’t difficult, but there are some tips which could make pole dancing easier for you personally.

1. Find a Beginner’s Course

Whether you’ll be learning from a teacher face-to-face or from a video, it’s vital that you find an entry-level course. This is especially valid if you’ve never tried pole dancing before. Instructors for beginners will take care of the essential moves, and teach you in the ground-up how to pole dance. Live instructors for novices are also familiar with making individuals feel safe and helping them unwind.

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2. Wear the appropriate Clothing

While many people may be lured to wear pants or typical exercise clothing while learning to pole dance, the best choice is spandex or stretch shorts and a snug top. Leaving your legs exposed can help you obtain a better grip around the pole and reduce the chance of a mishap. If you want to learn how to pole dance for entertainment in addition to fitness, you are able to practice with fantasy clothing or uniforms. However, it’s best to wear something in which you’re completely comfortable.

3. Warm-up

It’s vital that you stretch and warm up prior to the pole dance, to attenuate the potential risk of injury and increase physical benefits. Perform stretches and warm-up exercises for at least 10 minutes, and stretch again after dancing. This helps keep the muscles limber and allows for more movement and much less opportunities for injury.

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4. Prepare for the Rigors

A lot of dancers end up slipping from the pole, especially as their hands and legs get sweaty. Spraying hands and legs with hairspray before dancing can help you grip the pole more easily. As you’re learning to pole dance, you will probably observe that bruising is common. As with all other sport or physical exercise, it’s a learning process and sometimes bruising occurs. An ice pack held around the bruised area for 15 minutes will reduce the swelling, and several professionals carry foundation to hide any bruises.

5. Have Fun

It’s easy to be embarrassed when learning to pole dance. However, it’s important to learn to have a blast using this exercise. Actually, one of the best advantages of pole dancing is it is fun, so it doesn’t seem like exercise. However, it’s one of the greatest exercises available because it works so many muscles and tones the whole body. Discover the beloved approach to pole dancing to suit your needs, then have fun here.

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Pole dancing is a lot of fun, and it’s an excellent fitness option. By comprehending the basics, it is possible to decide if it is an excellent choice for you.