Cable ties

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cable ties

Cable Ties - Plastic Handles - Roll Forming - Leco Plastics

Lecoplastics Inc carries a full line of Cable Ties, Plastic Handles and more.  We are able to build from scratch custom electro-mechanical, pneumatic production equipment as well as modified stock packaging equipment to automatically insert our products. Manufactured of 100% type 6/6 Nylon / Non-Corrosive / Bent-Tip For Ease Of Handling and Installation / Special Colors Available / Special Packaging Available / Tensile Strengths Are Minimum Tested Strengths. 


High Quality, Practical Cable Ties:

                                                     One of the most innovative products ever to be created is the simple, high quality practical cable tie. Cable ties are used by millions each day to secure bags, shipping materials, wires, cables, hoses, etc. If you are a big user of cable ties, then the one place to buy your cable ties is at Leco Plastics, Inc. We offer one of the largest selections available of almost every type of cable tie. Leco Plastics, Inc specializes in cable ties. You can easily purchase standard cable ties, tie wraps, nylon cable ties, releasable cable ties, extra heavy duty cable ties and much, much more from us. And not only do we offer one of the biggest selections of cable ties in the world, but offer great prices to boot, with many of our cable ties costing just pennies each piece. Our cable ties are available for almost any job and can be purchased with hot stamping or in a variety of colors to make it easy for your business or shop to organize your inventory or items. If you require high quality, extremely practical cable ties, then Leco Plastics, Inc should be your first choice.