A Straightforward Examination of My Article Network

October 19, 2013 by lotion29bell   comments (0)

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My Article Network is a great and noteworthy entry into the link building field created by Matt Callen, who is already well regarded for his line of quality products and services. My Article Network consists of an automated system that leverages article marketing to increase targeted traffic for a site. There are two sources of this traffic: the websites that host your articles and generate traffic, and the visits to search engines, which raise your rankings as a result of incoming links.

The thing that makes these services work is the fact that they can potentially attract viral traffic with the use of articles that are syndicated throughout the Internet. When syndication of your articles becomes widespread, the results can benefit you for an extended period of time, making it simpler to attain a higher search engine ranking without actively pursuing more visitors. Everyone involved in the process stands to benefit. This review will take a closer look at My Article Network and explain why it is effective in helping customers reach their online marketing goals.

My Article Network is especially effective because it can turn your submission into a "spun" article.

While this is not a new service, this feature is different than its counterparts in that you can manually control the article spinning. Those services that utilize automatic spinning methods must be avoided whenever possible, since such content that is developed by these means will prove to be totally worthless. Although you don't really have to spin your articles, it's something that has always been recommended.

The blog owners in the network have control over what articles they accept and if it's not 30% unique (which is the minimum) then many of them would choose to reject the content.

As such, if you choose not to spin your article contents, you are taking a heavy risk, and if your articles are not published on many sites, you will see fewer and fewer links. A simple way to spin your articles is to create several different versions of the same sentence. The greater the difference in sentences, the greater the difference in your entire article, and the more it will be published by blogs. Your message will be consistent throughout the articles but each one will have a different wording. The final product will turn out to be exactly what you need, as the software can simply develop thousands of original variations of your content by assembling different parts of sentences. Your article will retain the sequential order of sentences, allowing your article to retain coherency.

After you utilize My Article Network, the advantages that come to you prove to be astonishing. For one thing, the process for submitting articles is fast and easy. You are allowed to use affiliate links, so you can direct link to your affiliate products! Additionally, the blog entries you make that are part of the network are distributed throughout numerous places and originate with exclusive IP addresses. Another thing to consider is that when your minimum word count is small when contrasted against the majority of other article directories, this denotes that you have the option of writing/submitting much more content and acquiring more links. SEO Guru The advantages and benefits of My Article Network have been espoused by the thousands of Internet marketers who are already using the service to provide the in-demand content needed for their sites. All things considered, for those seeking out a different way of driving visitors on to their website through constructing quality back links, you should get My Article Network for yourself.