Paid to Play Video Games?

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A few additional benefits to using a guide is that they can often have access to gaming studio compensation plans that can indicate the per hr rate for individual games. This could possibly make the process of how to become a video game tester in your house that much easier. Remember it's quite a bit less easy as sending a contact and simply asking, you will stand a better chance if you follow the employment of each studio properly and use some of the pointers you learned here.


One of the greatest jobs around has grown to be video game testing. Picture this. Not only do you get to enjoy playing all the hottest games, you can get compensated for it! What more would you ask for? Sounds terrific. Might they really make enough to maintain off of? If it doesn't bring enough within, it is really an exceedingly expensive hobby. Let's pause and listen to what most video online game testers make.

Established gaming information says that average salary ranges with fifteen to twenty thousand a year. The salary is addicted to the skills of the tester and the amount they work. Since many game testers are contract workers for developers, income will be based upon how many contracts and the length of each one.

Contract per hour rates range between six and twenty dollars an hour based on their popularity and experience. The hourly mean may be $15/hour which means a sport tester could bring home $600 every week. Averaging $31K a year is not really bad at all. Game testers to learn experience will obviously get more. A growth in experience = a growth in money. This is not unusual in any career. The more you know about the job at hand, the more you'll be paid.

This truly complete bed of roses. Contractors are not usual employees. They only get paid when they actually work and is not consistent. A good economy means a great deal of work. An undesirable economy means that you will have a hard time finding them. This can be claimed about any career, but contractors get hit that hardest.

How can you be successful as a contractor? Good networking may be the key. Try to keep touching colleagues from prior careers. Send them a birthday celebration wish. Keep in touch by just sending a short note for them. You are your own personal agent. Find professional sport tester associations. Get hold of active in these and do volunteer work. After you become experienced and are at ease this job, you must help others find work inside same area. Small such thinggs as this will help. Your network will give you a heads up with job openings.

Though there is a negative side to it, this career's positive attributes override the negative. Game testers would have no other job. A better picture can be seen in the list following that shows average game tester salaries within the U. S.

* Metro atlanta, GA (67, 230)

* Charlotte now, NC (66, 585)

* Chi town, IL (67, 607)

* Dallas, TX (68, 690)

* Houston, TX (70, 680)

* Indianapolis, WITH (59, 759)

* Las vegas, FLORIDA (53, 381)

* Brand-new York-Manhattan, NEW YORK (66, 083)

video game tester salary