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Monkey Quest is a massively multi-player online game (MMOG) that has been launched in March 2011 by Behaviour Interactive. Monkey Quest is another in the long line of online flash games that is published through Nickelodeon. The site is aimed at children from age 6 to 12. This game exists inside the fantasy world of Ook exactly where members explore, meet new friends, play games and gain knowledge about the world through their monkey avatar. The appeal of Monkey Quest may be the online games that members play which can be reminiscent of older arcade-style and also Nintendo games. Memberships begin at $7. 95 per month for that first month; however, this rate is re-billed from $9. 95 per month for your monthly membership. A six month regular membership is $44. 95 and an annual membership is $59. 95. Monkey Quest offers simply no refunds. There is a totally free membership for children; however, their movement within the virtual world is limited. Players can also access exclusive content on Monkey Quest by purchasing NickCash (Nickelodeon's digital cash). Monkey Quest requires a broadband internet connection, a high-end video card and installing a plug-in called Oneness. The game is performed through Money Quest's web site. Features New members create and customize a monkey avatar to make use of as their virtual character. Once the avatar is established, it enters the electronic world of Ook and begins to own adventures by playing online flash games. Once an avatar successfully completes a casino game, they are able to advance to another location level and get better armor and advanced weapons to defend themselves against evil enemies they encounter. Monkeys are able to take individual quests or be involved in group quests with other members. Not all quests or even assignments are game-based. Members will encounter puzzles which they must solve to feed doors and other hurdles. As with other games, Monkey Quest follows a plot to obtain the member's monkey from level A to point W. The age range that the game is meant for limits the complexity from the plot, but it is enough enough that children and parents will probably be attracted to it. Parents should know that NickCash allows children to buy merchandise from the online shop. The only way to get NickCash is to purchase it with real cash. The only benefits in which players get from successfully completing games are graduating to another location level and attiring their particular monkeys with better shield. In order to make their monkeys undertake the virtual world, players must learn to perfect the controls. The arrow keys as well as the space bar on the particular keyboard move the monkey, while hot keys hearth weapons and access potions. Unlike many other digital worlds, Monkey Quest doesn't use a social chat room. What's Good Monkey Quest is a gaming website that may appeal mainly to kids 10 and under who are interested in the action of traditional video gaming. The graphics and design from the website and the game can be good. The people who created all of the monkey avatars definitely knew their target audience. The monkeys are goofy, humorous, cute and easy to like. The personalities of the particular monkeys really shine through. It is this easy-going attitude which will make children comfortable using the game. There are no adult themes inside the games or on the website. There is no consuming, smoking, drug use, sex or offensive vocabulary. By teaming with some other players on quests and also in games, children will learn the worth of teamwork. On quests, children will learn that helping others is really a selfless act. Individuals in a position of authority inside the game are good and encourage players to help others and follow their own example. A fair amount of logic has to be summoned to solve questions, which can develop the child's thought patterns. What's Bad Monkey Quest has some cartoon violence which might encourage younger players; however, there is no blood vessels, gore, pain or thoughtless physical violence. Since the game is dependant on a video game program, there is going to become some good versus bad battles where children are the good guys and have to defeat their foe to advance to the next level. Also, since there is an online shop for merchandise, parents may see a heightened focus on buying connected Monkey Quest products. Online Safety Since online chat is limited to pre-chosen phrases as well as filtered language, the worst part regarding online safety that worries most parents has been scaled back significantly. Still, parents and children must remain vigilant while online. All communications are strained and moderators are watching the site twenty-four hours a evening. It is very difficult to acquire Monkey Quest's safety coverage. It needs to be more prominently displayed.

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