Preparation Prior to Laser Hair Removal - Read This

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However, the worse part about shaving is which it only addresses cutting this hair without disrupting the follicles which have the effect of hair growth. Because about this, men who shave their chest hair and other unwanted hair, shave constantly.

Another approach, which may slightly cost those that want their hair taken off, is through creams and products that promise removal of hair. Unlike shaving, lotions and creams remove follicles, but not necessarily. At times, creams only address hair from the surface and don't penetrate the follicles.

Now we move to the excruciating, but still an economical way of chest locks removal. Yes, you have guessed it-waxing! This is usually painful, if people would explain that shaving your chest area should be slightly painful, think ever again. They are either lying or they've had topical anaesthesia rubbed all over the area prior to receiving the procedure. On the more compact side, the great thing about waxing is that it addresses the root of the problem. Although this method may be excruciating, follicles of the hair end up, and because of waxing unwanted hair don't grow back for a couple of weeks.

If you think that this can be a only way for you to have a chest hair removal, think again. There's, however, a more effective and absolutely painless process. Nonetheless, it will set you back a lot. This effective chest hair removal is through laser skin treatment. With laser hair removing you can permanently bid farewell to your chest hair without worrying about the excruciating pain you acquire from waxing.


According to a report released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery (ASAPS), the most used non-surgical treatments include laser treatment, Botox and cosmetic fillers. Nearly one million measures were performed to permanently remove strands of hair via laser in the country in 2010. Although laser is an FDA approved treatment method to take out unwanted hair, the procedure is not really to be taken lightly by both the candidate and the practitioner or healthcare provider. In order to discover the best results, while keeping any potential adverse reactions at bay, the candidate must follow some essential preparatory steps just before treatment.

Preparing for Effective Laser treatment

Here will be the three steps that you need to complete in preparation for laser treatment. You can ensure successful treatment by following a lot of these simple guidelines.

1. About 4-5 Weeks Just before Treatment

: Start avoiding spending to much time in the sun. Lighter skin is more conducive to laser treatment, while darker hair together with tanned skins are relatively difficult to work on. Use a sun block with SPF 15 or more before stepping out in the sun. Consider getting rid of any tan that you have developed due to the sun exposure.

- Discontinue other hair removing methods, including waxing, plucking, electrolysis, or anything else, several weeks prior to laser skin treatment. Such processes might restrict the hair roots, making the laser treatment process less effective.

- To be able to compare the effectiveness in the treatment later, you may request the practitioner to look at photographs of the area where the laser treatment technique is to be administered. During the consultation 4-5 weeks prior to the treatment, discuss concerns the benefits, risks involved, or any other queries that you mind propose with your practitioner. nono hair removal

The Laser Hair Removal Side Effects - Read This Before Undergoing an LHR

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Laser hair reduction has become one of the most sought after non-surgical treatment to save the time and trouble that otherwise goes into waxing procedures every 30 days. Although an increasing number of people, especially women, are opting for this treatment, many remain hesitant because of certain myths about the procedure.

Laser Hair Reduction: Myths Busted

Given below are some of the most commonly held myths concerning laser hair reduction along with the truth behind them.

Laser treatment burns the epidermis

The truth is that the treatment is affecting the hair not our skin. A patch of area in which the laser treatment is usually to be performed is first tested by way of the professionals before starting along with the procedure. Additionally, laser technology may be certified to be well suited for all skin types, if performed in the expert supervision of experienced practitioners. As long for the reason that candidate follows the prep and post care instructions due to the professional, they have nothing to worry about.

Laser hair reduction is painful

Actually, laser treatment is not painful in any respect. However, the candidate feels a slight tingling or stinging sensation. Waxing and electrolysis treatment are voted a lot more painful by a poor experienced all three measures.

Post-treatment care is extensive

Long term hair removal through laser skin treatment involves no down time due to the advancements technology. Those with normal skin can bring back to their normal daily activities once the treatment, whereas minor side effects on sensitive skin may take 8-12 hours to recede. As a part of regular skin care, candidates are recommended to use sun blocks with SPF 15 or higher before going out into the sun.

People with dark skins do not qualify as candidates for laser hair reduction

A qualified and experienced practitioner evaluates the epidermis and hair type to be removed first. Based in the expert evaluation, the professional declares set up treatment would be effective relating to the candidate's skin. However, due to scientific advancements, even the darkest of skins may be administered laser treatments. While red hair a brand new difficult to remove, white and grey locks are the easiest as a result of absence of pigment.

It will take years of treatment to reduce the hair permanently

It's going to take 4 to 5 sessions of laser treatments to remove about 90% to 95% in the existing follicles permanently. Each candidate is required to sit for sessions with the interval of 5 to 8 weeks between them. While laser cannot stop new follicles from developing as a result of biological changes, periodic treatment sessions help maintain the potency of the treatment for decades.

A consultation with a qualified and experienced teacher will educate you in detail about laser hair reduction and assist you judge whether this is something you will be willing to try.


Revitol hair removal cream constitutes a product for removing unwanted hair. Hair is gently faraway from the follicle bulb, leaving the epidermis baby soft without any kind of pain. It is a unique blend of bioactive shrub extracts which reduces the hair shaft in the growth site. Within an interval of four months you would find that the hair has grown to become thin and removal of hair is performed easily. no no hair removal reviews