So does the Slow Carb Diet work?

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So does the Slow Carb Diet work?

This is the question but to answer this we need to look at what actually is the Slow Carb Diet and what it contains.

The Premise seems to be based on the Atkins diet of very high protein and a small amount of greens. The major difference is the focus. The Focus of the Atkins Diet seems to be based on Ketosis and your body dropping weight that way.

The Slow Carb Diet on the other hand is based around lowering insulin spikes that would trigger off energy to be stored as fat. The they are talking about Slow Carb it is Carbohydrates that are low in the Glycemic Index.

Foods include Brocolli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Collard Greens and of course lots of Protein Rich Foods like Chicken, Eggs, Beef, Pork, etc....

This diet has recently become famous because of writers like Tim Ferris' New Book the 4 Hour Body which is based on 5 simple rules.

1. Avoid White Carbs - Like Bread, Wheat, Potato and Rice

2. Eat Similar Meals Over and Over again - This helps you stick to the diet

3. Don't Eat Fruit - Fruit is high in sugar and is not a must have for a diet. Fructose can be a killer.

4. Don't Drink Calories - Stick to Water with Lemon, Tea's, and Black Coffee. If you must Diet Soda is next best.

5. Have a Day Off - Pick 1 day a week(usually weigh in day) where you can eat what ever you want. This helps you stay on track.

This is the base of the Slow Carb Diet. Simple and effective.

Now you know what its about. The question is does it work?

I personally am testing this diet out at the moment with results available on my blog The Healthy Monk.

I have found in my first few weeks of testing I have lost 15.4 Pounds Total in 2 weeks. So I am happy with the results. I do realize that the first few weeks on any Diet (Slow Carb or not) you lose the most weight at the start.

But the biggest change I have felt is in body composition. This could be from a couple of things as I gave up smoking a month ago. But also from all the protein helping to re build my body and cells. The Lack of Sugar helps I'm sure.

So in my book the Slow Carb Diet is a go. I really suggest you think about trying it out. Im enjoying my experience.

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