How to appear to the grim condition of Chinese ceramic lined valve market?

March 7, 2013 by orbitballvalve1   comments (0)

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Inside the face of such the significant potential market for, the number of buy could Chinese manufacturing enterprises for safety valve truly advantage from?, is just how much the gap does Chinese capital in comparison with all the foreign capital? I am afraid Chinese valve suppliers would care much more about these problems.

The gap is linked to the structure of field. The size of valve production enterprises in China is also small and the industrial concentration was too very low. According on the information of FUVALVE, which business is specialized in manufacturing the ceramic lined valve, at present, domestic ceramic valve manufacturing enterprises are about greater than 3000 properties that are the very first rank around the planet. However they are mostly low-level, small-scale, cottage field enterprises. The bellow sealed valve providers which annual sales income could reach 5 million RMB are less than 500. The corporations whose yearly income earnings is above one hundred million RMB are just greater than a dozen providers. The marketplace share with the enterprises, that's the best 10 enterprises, is only 8% ~ 9%. On account of the reduced industrial concentration, there are several other adverse factors such the backward technologies, reduced price competitors and lack of influential brand names. These down sides make this kind of a large China valve market place as much as now have no genuine brand. It is not such as the other well-known enterprise this kind of as the FUVALVE that is good in the generating for ceramic lined valve. Bellow sealed valve, FEP lined valve, PFA lined valve, FEPT lined valve as well as other specific valves. The products top quality of FUVALVE is extremely secure. In order to know additional details about their ceramic merchandise, it is possible to search their internet site

The difference from the whole business chain is also the critical level. As 1 form of mechanical products, the whole industry chain with the ceramic valve manufacturing of within the downstream, together with steel, sealing elements, and mechanical processing industries which the improvement level may have essential influence on technical parameters from the ceramic lined valve. Straight influences in the strength, ductility and corrosion resistance of steel valves would reflected on large pressure resistance and corrosion resistance; the production degree of Sealing materials determines the valve applicable media and may stand up to the pressure; Machining accuracy is a further essential element which would impacted the interface sealing, ceramic valve head and valve seat sealing ranges. But in China, the technologies of those elements has a specific gap compared with all the same productions of foreign nations. These things will induce the aggravation when domestic ceramic valve manufacturing enterprises make the high-grade merchandise of FEP Lined Globe Valves.