Authentic Jordans, Get reduced Authentic Jordans

September 7, 2012 by orlandojernigan2   comments (0)

authentic jordans

Authentic Jordans, also called Nike Jordans are very expensive. Some can certainly set you back $150-$180 or even more. I think anyone can agree they prefer to have authentic Jordans then non-authentic Jordans. The main difference is day and night. Authentic Jordans are made of high quality materials and meet Nike’s standards. Non-authentic Jordans are constructed with cheap materials and aren’t under any kind of regulation. Non-authentic Jordans are typically flimsy and don’t last close to long. Non-authentic Jordans also are not necessarily good for sports such as basketball while authentic Jordans are the best shoes for basketball. I really like playing basketball in authentic Nike Air Jordans. I’ve never actually played basketball in non-authentic Jordans, but I normally wear them and I let you know there is no cushioning plus they just feel cheap. Non Authentic Jordans typically look cheap also. Who want to wear non-authentic Jordans that look cheap? Cheap Jordans are okay so long they're authentic Jordans. Before I realized how prevalent non-authentic Jordans were I ordered about 8 pairs from the site that looked legit. I received the Jordans plus they actually looked pretty decent for non-authentic Jordans. These fake Jordans probably could have fooled many people. cheap jordans Anybody that really knew the difference between real Jordans and bootlegs would have been in a position to tell fairly easily though. The real difference was when you use them; they were just floppy and felt like cardboard. I wound up getting rid of them and not really wore them, because I simply didn’t loike how they felt. If these would have been authentic Jordans it's impossible I'd have gotten rid of them. These were basically my eight favorite pairs of Jordans of all time. All of them were og retros and in the original coloring ways. Here's another thing about cheap Nike Air Jordans that are not authentic; often they are available in insane colors that were never actually officially released. Sometimes these color ways are pretty cool and often they appear cheap and horrible at least in my opinion. I don’t know who would wish to wear these non-official coloring ways considering that’s a genuine giveaway the Jordans aren't authentic. My personally favorite Jordans are sixes through nines. I suppose those are my favorites simply because those were the Jordans that were out throughout the years that I thought about most becoming an adult. Those were several great years for Jordan. One reason I guess many people get non-authentic Jordans is because Authentic Jordans just cost a fortune. They good retros typically choose at least $150 from major stores like Champs and Footlocker plus they become unattainable almost instantly in most cases. That leavespeople spending between hundreds of to thousands on sites like ebay if they didn’t camp out and obtain lucky enough to get a set of authentic Jordans. If so some peoples only way to pay for the Jordans is to buy Jordans that aren't authentic which can range between $20 to $60 for any pair. Even though some people that sell Jordans that are cheap and not authentic still sell them for hundreds some I guess trying to full people. Anyway I get all my authentic Jordans at Wholesale Jordans List. The costs for authentic Jordans are the most useful I’ve seen so I stick with them. Personally, i won’t even wear fake Jordans simply because they just don’t feel or look right.