'Smallville' actor Sam Jones III arrested in conspiracy to distribute over 10,000 oxycodone pills

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We won year after year after year. Even when we got older, we won. We had a closeness that teams today don't have. "It's a new regime, new owners, new management. People ask me why I never go back. I tell them, 'I don't go places where I'm not invited to go.' " - Sam Jones, on not maintaining Celtics ties FanHouse: Do you like today's Celtics?
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Interview: Sam Jones On ‘Ted,’ His Past, Present And Future

The 33-year-old pled guilty to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of Oxycodone in December 2010 and was released on bail at the time. However, he was ordered to spend 366 days behind bars back in June 2011 and has spent a few months less than he was supposed to in a California facility. Jones lived at a low security compound in the Lompoc area for the decreased amount of time and has experienced some good luck since finding himself caught in the sticky situation. Apparently he was allowed a big break with his sentencing to start with as federal officers wanted him to go down for five years for his participation in the conspiracy to help a friend pay back a debt to the Mexican cartel. At the time of his arrest it was thought he could get up to 20 years in http://www.karissashannontape.net/ jail.
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I really enjoy it. I really feel like its a part of my assignment in life. [Laughs] And Im not bullsting but Im very good at it. There are similarities between movie making and running a security operation. Its very, very close between the preparation, the planning, and the project itself. Its all basically the same. Its quite fascinating.
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Mayor Sam Jones: Race is the 'elephant in the room' that should be discussed

Superman's best friend is in hot water for allegedly dealing drugs. Sam Jones 3rd, who played Clark Kent's buddy on the CW show "Smallville," was arrested Wednesday morning in a federal drug sting, TMZ.com reported. RELATED: SWISS TIPPED OFF US TO POLANSKI'S VISIT, DOCUMENTS SHOW The Drug Enforcement Agency said Jones, 26, was accused of being a "co-conspirator" in several major drug deals last year. According to court documents, the actor and several others devised a plan to purchase and distribute more than 10,000 oxycodone pills. RELATED: FORMER D&G PUBLICIST TO FACE CHARGES IN STALKING CASE Jones was reportedly taken into custody by DEA agents who described him as the "Hollywood connection" to the plot. The 26-year-old actor has been charged with conspiracy to possess illegal drugs with the intent to distribute. If convicted, Jones faces up to 20 years in federal prison.
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"I was at several churches Sunday, and I didn't see any fliers," Jones said, adding that he doesn't recall the particulars that were written on it. "Fliers like that are something people pass around. Some people pay attention to them, some do not." He said a controversial flier distributing during campaign season doesn't surprise him. "In politics, you have those kind of things take place," Jones said. "Sometimes it's pleasant, sometimes it's not. I've been seeing things politically take place for many, many years. I'm not surprised that someone would put out something espousing their views that someone might not like." Jones agreed with Stimpson that the campaign, during its final two weeks, should stick to "issues" affecting city residents and not on negative attacks.
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