three total attention reached 58%

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultBaidu data :the first quarter of 2011 online gamesindustry report , relationresultTags: , relationresult( a ) network game industry search index 2011 large-scale online gamesindustry leaves the bureau is good ,Q1 search index rose 38.
6%while large-scale online games industry in the past year the trend of slower growth ,at the same time, the industry for the client network development space also has a lot of discussion ,but from the search trends in 2011,the online games industry has a very good first ,the game operator to launch new products or new content to attract more netizen attention .
Baidu statistics show ,Q1 large network swimsindustry search index grew 38.6% ,the month all search index reached 450000000 times.Holiday drive online search index remained high during the 2011Q1owing to a plurality ofholidays ,game player have more game time ,manufacturer also accordingly the more promotion and the introduction of some new products ,so as to promote the Q1 during the searchindex remained at a high level .
Among these 1.20 index reached 18500000,3.19reach 18980000.( two) the network game attention distribution FPS game to promote recreational net swims the increased attention in 2011 ,nearly 50% Q1 main network swimstype attention patterns were again changed obviously ,with cross fire as the representative of the shooting game hot promoting recreational net swims the attention share of substantial growth ,reaching 49.
9% .Magic RPG attention glides somewhat ,other types of online attention remained relatively stable .Around with FPS Games Shooting Games ,will be reported in the last part of its thematic analysis .
( three) the network game player features 1onlinegame player main search feature analysis of game and game sites are still the most attention ,Raiders class growth obviously the search words are user demand the most true expression ,to the search keyword classification analysis can also be effective for game player focus .
2011Q1 game name is still game player looking for online information search most categories ,the attention degree of 34% ,down 1 percentage points.To each operator official website and industry portal based game website information attention came in second, attention degree is 22.
5% ,an increase of 5 percentage points.Raiders information attention compared to the same period increased ,reached 10.3% ,ranking third .Plug and PW class information came in fourth and fifth .
Secondly, the most concern is the game client download ,pay close attention to degree 6.1% .2 onlinegame player of the characteristics of regional distribution of economically developed provinces and municipalities as well as big province in population distribution more online game player with the Internet popularity rate rises ceaselessly ,population big province market potential is shown ceaselessly ,online game player from the regional distribution point of view, in addition to the traditional economic developed regions :Guangdong ,Zhejiang ,Jiangsu and Beijing brought together China 32%online game player ,diablo 3 gold,Shandong ,Henan ,Hebei 3population big provinceonline game player cumulative proportion has reached 17% .
In contrast to all users of the distribution structure of online game player ,in Henan ,Heilongjiang distribution ratio was significantly higher than that of ordinary people .3 onlinegame player gender structure of online game player male ratio reached 75% according to 2011Q1 onlineattention populations in the sample data display ,the male game player account for overall online game player groups of three fourths ,reached 75% ,corresponding to ordinary users in the male proportion is 61.
3%, this shows online focus groups masculine features very obvious .4 onlinegame player structure under 30 years of age groups constitute the online game player main body ,at the same time, over 30 years of age groups also began to have more attention according to 2011Q1 onlineattention populations in the sample data, 30 the followinguser account for online focus groups 77%.
20 years old - 29 years oldof most users ,the proportion is 40.3% ,followed by 19 years of age andthe following groups ,ratio of 36.6% .At the same time as the online games industry development ,Internet users over the age of 30 ,the net swims the proportion also pays close attention to more and more .
( a ) the whole attention ranking analysis of 1 operatorsattention ranking Tencent growth significantly, concentration further aggravate 2011Q1 operatorattention pattern overall remained relatively stable ,and the top 4 in 2010compared to nochange ,but Tencent with cross fire performance ,attention was improved significantly ,reaching 39.
8% ,leading edge more obvious ;Netease ,Royal attention is relatively stable ,continue to top second ,three ;three total attention reached 58% ,compared with the same period last year concentration further aggravate .
Perfect and spatio-temporal continues to trade fourth ,attention was 3.7% ;this quarter century day by virtue of its FPS game CSOL the excellent performance of attention than first Sohu has a good swim ,became the fifth ,both difference is 0.
1% .The 2 game productattention ranking cross fire become most get netizen attention swims ,attention is more than 15% 2011Q1 large-scaleonline games industry still is the focus of the old game of leading manufacturers ,but the old game is not popular, continue to glow the vitality .
The most popular top ten online products ,Netease and Tencent is grand place forestall, only century Tiancheng Counter-Strike also entered the top ten .Cross fire in Tencent drive energetically below ,this quarter over the first Dungeon Fighter Online ,tera beta key,become the market online games products ,attention to reach 15.
9% ,Dungeon Fighter Online attention remained relatively stable ,which attracted more than 30% netizen attention .In third ,four place is Netease world of Warcraft and Fantasy Westward Journey ,taken together attention 7.
9%.( two) each fractionize market analysis 1 recreational net swims theattention ranking cross fire led recreational net swims the market ,FPS games won and substantial growth 2011Q1Tencentin recreational net swims the market of the absolute superiority to be further strengthened ,cross fire attention grows considerably ,reaching 35.
8% ,beyond the Dungeon Fighter Online ,the attention degree of close to 70% ,plus third ,four QQ - QQ speed and AVA ,( King of battlefield) ,Tencent online games in the rest of attention over 80% .
Shooting of casual online games especially FPS network to get more game player more popular, there are 3 game FPSinto Top10 ,total attention is close to 40% .If you look down the next rank ,can be found in a number of shooting games ,at the same time the number of online games operators are increasing in the market investment, will be reported in the last part of shooting game of the thematic analysis .
2 magicMMORPG attention ranking of magic RPG market attention structure keeps stable 2011Q1 magicRPG market remained relatively stable interest pattern :the magic bestial continue to maintain the stability of the leading edge ,pay attention to more than 25% degrees .
Dragon Valley in 2010 experienced rapid growth has stabilised ,SWTOR Account,attention degree of 12.9% ,legend and eternal that tower also remain stable for attention ,both total more than 10% .Magical magic continent following in 10during the second half of the yearwith greater strength, the quarter also began to gradually stabilized ,attention to reach 2.
9% .3 myths of MMORPG attention ranking West theme continues to dominate the myth of RPG ,Buy GW2 Time Card,smart growth is apparent the myth of the 2011Q1 classRPG game market is still in the West theme and put an immortal to death series primarily ,and the pilgrimage to the west to get more game player attention theme .
The dream west travels continued to rank first ,attention degree is 22.3% ,QQ journey followed, attention to reach 9.2% ,many more new about this quarter was fourth,aion time card, pay attention to more than 5% degrees ,the three West theme products total attention over 36% .
4 martial artsMMORPG attention ranking journey 2 LEDmode journey Wu man RPG market has been the domestic network innovation more fields ,the quarter Denon eight series and rumored to continue to lead the martial arts RPG market ,giant introduced more emphasis on fair third generation of online games business model ,the journey 2 inQ1 has better performance ,attention reached 6% ,exceeding the journey and the green journey .
Green bank network happy drunk in the second half of the 10 forceafter the quarter is stabilized gradually ,to maintain a good momentum of development ,attention 3.6%.Statement game channel posted this article for the purpose of transmitting information ,does not mean Sina company agree with their views or confirm their description .