occupation competition

May 3, 2012 by pwgold   comments (0)

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As the "perfect world International Edition (area screenshot)" "pioneer experience service" activity published the list of winners of game player, to stage passion was again "pioneer experience" to drive up.
See that they are on the list, don't stand in the one side you will, without batting an eyelid?Don't shilly-shally, "perfect world" coming this Friday (March 13th) open net two area new clothes "break".
Opening up new services at the same time, perfect mainland will also carry out many interesting activities, for the game player were free to offer premium gift.Now let us have a look have what wonderful content is waiting for us!A new suit, rookie challenge 1, occupation competition: we will from six occupation selection rank top 10 game player, their reward, there is a total of 60 individuals, if you have confidence in yourself,Tera Power Leveling, then come the new service.
2, prestige rankings: your name,buy diablo 3 account, my gift.Usually during the activity, the prestige value in the top 10 of the game player will be the perfect time to provide prizes value.In two, the gang Championship - Summon wind and call for rain, my gang brothers up rules: to the activities of the closing date,buy diablo 3 gold, game player build gang member, where over 30 grade up to the first 6 guild (each server), will be rewarded, the reward will be paid to the association role.
Three, grand lucky, whose flowers during the event, each new service will be in 40 above the level of the game player selected 10 lucky prize, and in our limited edition riding a pet "gale annunciation pig" as a bonus.
Four, new clothes to enter heaven, GM to help you a helping hand activities: during the event, there will be a mysterious GM appear in the game,D3 cd key, help the novice game player and offensive and defensive state, while GM will randomly appear world map in the novice practises the level place, different levels of game player and offensive and defensive state help, help in the rookie challenge game player "a helping hand" in the activity.
Five,diablo 3 account, Raiders of the Lost Ark serial open activities after the opening, the entire server 4 arena, each arena will flush out large box, each box can be open to tempting treasures.Some treasure chests open after releasing a monster, kills the monster will get huge rewards.