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The 2008-11-14 task is a game player in the game fun important way,Guild Wars 2 Gold, is also the "Mummy" game is paid most attention to one of the characteristics of.In the game,cheap tera gold, you can complete the task to understand the whole the background story of the game and the world architecture, and exciting tasks of the system not only can enrich the game fun, or your game to upgrade the important source.
In the "Mummy", the task is divided into the main task, the branch line mission, task, task, activity of prestige collection mission, Knight Crusade tasks and green collar job seven, but most can get lots of experience to accelerate the speed upgrade, are undoubtedly the main line of the task, the branch line mission and task crusade of the knights.
A: the mainline mission experience awards stars: tailored track. The main task is to lead the game player to gradually understand the entire history of the development of the world, as well as various ethnic contradictions and conflicts between the important task.
It makes the game player in into the story at the same time, and get lots of experience value imperceptibly.At the same time in the late game,buy tera gold, game player can play in Norse mythology of the Arthur Kingdom, and set foot on the epic into the path of God, through continuous training to become a true warrior.
Mission two: the branch line mission experience awards stars: tailored of branch line mission is the main task of the branch, by completing quests, game player can not only in the tomb,Guild Wars 2 Gold, trap, the lost civilization, the mysterious relics etc.
scenes adventure.At the same time can get more experience.The branch line mission being completed by the branch line mission three: Knights Templar Crusade tasks experience awards stars: tailored Crusade tasks in the specified NPC purchased the crusade against the reel, is late in the game the main gain experience task.
In the main line of the task, the branch line mission grade restrictions can not be completed, the task Crusade became an important source of experience value.Knight task Crusade Crusade tasks reels for sale NPC "divine spirit legend" powerful task system from the traditional boring boring Daguai upgrade, but also constantly surprises unexpected rewards, so that every enters the "Mummy" the world game player full of surprises.
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