Cheap Flyer Printing Delivered to Nuture Minds in Aug 2008

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Dont know where I stand with one Cheap Online Flyer Printing company though,Think they have ceased trading,so suspect that is the end of that one.

I have written to Northern Rock about getting a refund of the A7 Flyer Printing have had a reply. Northern Rock say that back in 2003 they had 2 fees, a sealing fee called a Discharge of Flyer Printing fee and a Despatch of Title DEEDS fee which I would have been charged. They also say that these 2 fees have since been amalgamated and called the Discharge of Mortage fee.

I bought my house in 2002 for £249.000 spend over £20.000 on building etc 3 years later due to stupidity (but thats another story) i had my home re-possessed. Litho Flyer Printing company sold my house for £300.000 £50.000 short of the actual value, funnily their solicitor suggested i claimed for the shortfall but i have no idea where to start.

I wonder if someone can offer advice. A couple of years ago I was forced through circumstance to change the type of Quick Flyer Printing I had, whilst remaining with the same bank. I was asked to pay an A5 Flyer Printing of around £7,000 which, as you can imagine, I balked at! Unfortunately, my contract (a lesson in not going through it thoroughly before signing!) allowed the bank to charge a percentage of my borrowing. My complaint saw the amount reduced to £6,000 but I still feel this is very high - especially as I remained within the same company. What I'd like to know is, is there any point in trying to recover some of this cost even if it was agreed in a contract? ie - has there been a ruling to say that these fees even if agreed to are way above what they should be? Cheers!

Can anyone let me have the numbers to enquire about Litho Flyer Printing fees for Kensington Quick Flyer Printings,Platform 170gsm Gloss Flyer Printings,Capstone A6 Flyer Printings,and if posible some idea of what to write and ask for as I have no ideas of where to start I do have the ref numbers from some of the Digital Flyer Printings but not all of them

I wrote to them again saying I was still not happy .....and then received the following response

"The release of your Discount Flyer Printing required the Bank to execute a legal deed. This is not merely a "handling" exercise as you suggest. The legal deed referred to can either be a release of the Bank's charge if the land is registered in the Land Registry or a re-conveyance to the mortgagor if the premises are registered in the Registry of Deeds or have otherwise been demised to the Bank. All such legal deeds have to be prepared and executed by the Bank's own in-house solicitors. Until this legal deed is executed by the Bank clear title to the premises does not re-vest in the mortgagor. This is therefore a legal requirement, and not an arbitrary exercise by the Bank, when a legal Digital Flyer Printing is redeemed by the mortgagor. The fee charged is not excessive for legal work of this nature and we do not intend to refund the fee."

I feel they are fobbing me off.

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