Xbox Repair - The Do it Yourself Help guide to Xbox Repair

August 6, 2012 by thomastorres287   comments (0)

xbox repair

Before I get directly into Xbox repair I have to begin by saying I love my Xbox and would not be without them for a minute. As a gaming platform It is first rate. Yes I believe its better than the ps3 but thats just my opinion and that i be aware of ps3 is also a great machine.

Now towards the reason for this article. Xbox repair. For those who have an Xbox or a friend of yours comes with an Xbox, without doubt you'll be aware of the many problems these machines are having. It appears as many as one in three Video games consoles are affected some type of hardware problem during its life. Now that's a hell of the lot of Xbox's that will require some type of repair. Which seems like some embarrassment to Microsoft.

So why are each one of these problems happening, and do you know the problems? Well it appears the main cause of all of the Xbox's problems is heat related. You may have been in this case yourself, following a heavy gaming session of over 4 hours your Xbox freezes. You attempt the old trick of the reboot (switching it off and then on again). Then you definitely get the now infamous 'Red Ring Of Death'. This for individuals who have no idea is how the once green lights around the front from the console are replaced by flashing red lights, the red lights could be flashing either in one or three from the four light sections. That my pal is game over and time for Xbox repair.

Fix DVD in Xbox

So its overheating causing the problems. Simply the console is getting that hot inside that some of the soldered contacts are wearing down. This can happen slowly over time or can occur after one long gaming session however the answers are exactly the same. Forget about gaming for you personally until your xbox is repaired.

So what is the next step for those who have this problem. Very first thing isn't to panic, it may be fixed. So this is the great news and today the bad. In case your out of warranty its going to set you back about $150. Ouch. Let's focus on some the cash isn't worst part. What about the truth that your going to be without having your Xbox for approximately three months. Three years no gaming, suppose.

My Xbox is in warranty I here you cry, well your in luck (you are if you have the original purchase receipt inside your name). There's more chance of a guarantee repair now Microsoft have extended the warranty period to 3 months now. However, you need to meet a selection of their strict warranty rules to be eligible for a a totally free Xbox repair. First of it obviously needs to be within the agreed warranty period (3 years). You have to have the original receipt inside your name. Even the warranty only covers hardware faults that cause the red ring lights.

The major problem with getting Microsoft to repair your xbox in addition to the cost (if from warranty) is the time it takes. As I said earlier this can be as much as 3 months. This is mainly because of the quantity of xbox repairs being completed.

There is another means to fix your condition, it might appear at little daunting at first but trust me its simple. repair your xbox yourself. but wait I'm not sure the very first thing about xbox repair. Not a problem an xbox may be easily repaired of all these faults only using a few easily accessible tools and a repair guide. There are some guides out there but make sure you pick one that has video instruction as well as a manual. They are straight forward and simple to follow along with and you will have you Xbox up and running inside a handful of hours. No wait. Cost-free.