SQOTS™ Square Self Adhesive Dots of Glue Making any Project Simple For You

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Sticky dots have been available for a long time and their uses are vast, however sticky dots are not a household name because are generally difficult to employ and not well explained. Some other reasons keeping sticky dots from the households are their low value for money that comes from the near monopoly regarding supply. The small competition has been enforced by patents which endeavor to prevent other manufacturers offering glue dots options and in some cases restrict the available packaging that those options can be supplied towards the public.

SQOTS™ Square Glue Dots or Dots of Glue

  • The patents addressing the old glue dots relate with a relatively simple and less controlled means of applying hot melt adhesive onto a carrier/backing sheet of paper. With the old technique the adhesive dots or alternative to glue are developed by dripping hot melt glue into the carrier/backing paper after which squashing that adhesive to as uniform a shape and thickness as possible. Some old glue dots or alternative to glue will be more evenly round than others, however there are constraints to how consistently round the sticky dots could be and how uniformly flat the dots of glue are generally compressed.
  • Just like the old adhesive dots or dots of glue manufacturers, the makers of the SQOTS™ sticky dots applied for manufacturing patents with one significant difference in mind - they were not a monopoly supplier and their way into the market industry were to offer innovation and value for money sticky dots or dots of glue. SQOTS™ glue dots or dots of glue takes away the trouble of employing old sticky dots as alternative to glue, the high pricing of old sticky dots or dots of adhesive along with the uneven shape and efficiency of the old glue dots or dots of adhesive that can come up. Being square and evenly laid down uniform thick sticky dots has application rewards which include placing glue dots or dots of glue into corners. Often the first part to peel off from an object stuck down by adhesive are its sides or its corners. A circular glue dot simply cannot get adhesive equally towards edges or corners of articles. The SQOTS™ square glue dots or dots of glue deliver uniform regions of adhesion at edges and in corners.

Some sticky dots or dots of adhesives suppliers thought they will get way with providing 60 or perhaps eighty good sized glue dots or dots of glue in clumsy or very cheap presentation. Using these types of sparsely filled and cheaply packaged glue dots or dots of dhesive products provides “poor” experience when compared with making use of the value for money, well thought out and packed SQOTS™ square glue dots. To add variation the old rounded sticky dots or dots of glue suppliers thought they may pull off supplying the same sparse measure of glue for a similar price claiming a greater number of sticky dots by producing small or particularly thin and near worthless individual sticky dots. The SQOTS™ in retail format offer between one hundred and eighty to two hundred full, thick evenly laid flat “juicy” sticky dots or dots of glue. Take a short time to visit the bestgluedots.com web site to understand the creativity, uses, and formats of square glue dots or dots of glue that SQOTS™ currently supplies to the worldwide market of sticky dots.

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