one is the need for animal soul

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"Peach" teach you not spend money can also obtain 1000 yuan beast
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No mall turn-based "peach" double new clothes, the scenery is like a picture.
“ ” “ &rdquo is crouching. Tiger,Lineage 2 Adena, hidden.dragon; gas is hot in.Then, in the “ labor is the most glorious ” version also added new adorable animal — — cloth tiger.
In the the Peach Garden trip, if you have a cute and powerful beast baby around,diablo 3 gold buy, not only is eye-catching, but also is a game player combat in PK's right-hand man.In the Canton of Han Taoyuan world rich spiritual no, they have a dark magical powers, and has been a game player's favourite pet.
Along the Peach Garden, everyone would like to have such a cute animal baby around, but the the Peach Garden monster how to get?If you are a RMB game player, of course, can be directly stuck in equity market to buy other game player sold in Lingshi and the animal soul get beast.
"Peach" as not burn free to play online games,buy Guild Wars 2 Gold, its purpose is to let the game player does not spend a penny to get 1000 yuan beast.The Peach Garden obtained in animal requirements have two, one is the need for animal soul, two is corresponding to the beast of Lingshi.
If you are a common game player, he can use his peace with prestige prestige official gift exchange animal soul and animal in Lingshi.Also through their own activities gold gold volumes directly in equity market purchase.
As long as the set of all animal soul and various Lingshi cute adorable animal animals can capture an enemy easily.Of course,buy diablo 3, there is also a complete luck big lottery, as long as the set of all four big God code and can be activated in the God code brother extracted animal.
Game player every day has a chance to draw, and participate as long as there are prizes taken, what is there against it?"Peach" double new clothes, the scenery is like a picture. “ ” “ &rdquo crouching.
Tiger,BNS account, hidden.dragon; and a new version of the normalizing experience, whether it is new or old clothes, super fun activities for the game player music not exhausted.You have to come!Together to experience the most beautiful magical the Peach Garden.