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The other meaning stands for businesses whose products Canada Goose, services or equipment are of questionable quality. The term gained currency when US Senator Charles Schumer used it for Infosys and other IT companies, in context of the US losing jobs. Chop shop can also mean a brokerage that sells fraud non-existent equities. It is used colloquially for shops run by butchers or barbers.Where is 'magnetic' hill in India?India's magnetic hill is located close to Leh and is alleged to have magnetic properties strong enough to pull cars uphill. Locals and Indo-Tibetan Border Police personnel claim that aircraft passing through the area have to fly at a greater speed to avoid the pull the hill has on the aircraft in order to avoid its radius which could cause the canada goose sale aircraft to jerk. Vehicles allegedly move uphill even with the engines off. There are similar magnetic hills in Mocton in Canada and New Brunswick in the USA.What is a digital pet?A digital or virtual pet is an artificial human companion that canada goose parka exists only in hardware. Interaction with the pet may or may not be goal-oriented. If interaction with virtual pets canada goose outlet is goal-oriented then the user must keep it alive and even help it to grow by 'feeding', grooming and playing with it. If the interaction is not goal-oriented, the user can focus solely on building a relationship with it. There are digital pet cemeteries where, after the use of the pet, the owner can lay it to rest.How did the *$' symbol originate?The origin of the dollar symbol Canada Goose Jacket actually comes from the handwritten 'ps', an abbreviation for 'peso' in old Spanish-American books. The word 'dollar' has been derived from the Flemish or Low German word daler (in German taler or thaler), Canada Goose Kensington short for Joachimstaler, Canada Goose Coats referring to a coin from the silver mines of Joachimstal in Bohemia. It was adopted as the name of the US currency unit in the late 18th century Some believe it is US, with the S written over U with a flourish.Why don't we sneeze while we are sleeping?Sneezing is a normal physiological phenomenon caused by irritation in the nasal membrane. This may be due to an infection, allergy to pollens, dust or smoke. While sleeping, we do not sneeze because the reticular process — a part of brain that controls sleep, does not allow many stimuli, Canada Goose Jackets including that of a sneeze, to come into the central nervous system.What is pina?Pina in Spanish means pineapple, the fruit. A cocktail called pina colada, made with pineapple, rum, and coconut milk, is a common drink in Cuba and Puerto Rico. In the Philippines, the fibre extracted from the leaves of the pineapple plant is used for making textile fabric called pina. Pina fabric is known for its lustrous white colour, lightness, stiffness, and transparency. It is used for making table linen, bags and mats.What is future mail?Future mail is a facility through which a person can send a letter — even to oneself — canada goose jackets on sale in the future. The sender can choose the time and date of delivery and the letter will reach the address at that particular time. Beside letters, future emails can also be sent sometimes as reminders to oneself.