Finding the Best Digital SLR Camera to Suit Your Photography Needs

June 20, 2013 by The Sanger Real Estate Advice   comments (0)

photoshop It's now all too easy to take high quality pictures (or edit them so they'd look professional), all thanks to digital cameras and photo editing software such as Photoshop. However, if you plan to take photography seriously, you're going to need more than a point-and-shoot camera and software. Serious photography calls for specific equipment. Of course, the camera is the most essential piece of equipment. The Digital SLR camera is the first thing you should look into buying if you want to get serious about your photography hobby. Today, we'll share information on the top digital SLR cameras of 2012 as well as tips on shopping for the right one for you.

fresno photo booth rental If you are new to photography or are new to technical photography (as opposed to the basic point and shoot snapshots most people take), the best DLSR camera of 2012 you can buy is the Canon E0S Rebel T3i with the 18-55mm IS II lens. Retailing between $600 and $1000, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i comes with all the features that novices will need for snapping professional quality photos. Despite the fact that the Canon EOS Rebel T3i doesn't have an advanced or articulated LCD display, it is capable of capturing great videos, making it the ideal camera if you also want to do video blogging. This way, you only have one piece of equipment to carry around for taking photos and videos. When people think of professional or high quality cameras, they usually think of the Nikon or Canon brands. However, on the list of the top digital SLR cameras today is the Olympus E-3, which is neither made by Canon or Nikon. The base model retails for about $1500 and you'll need to purchase the lenses. This camera has a flexible LCD display, enabling you to snap pictures from angles that may be awkward if you were using any other DSLR camera. It is important to accept that no single DLSR camera is going to meet all of your photography needs at once. First find out the kind of photography you'd like to pursue, as that will give you a good idea as to the features you'll want your digital SLR camera to have and the lenses you'll need to use. For instance, there's a difference between sports photography and portrait photography so naturally you'll want to get a camera with the appropriate features for either.

It's the same between macro photography and standard photography. Narrow your focus on the photography you'd like to do and then work on finding the camera that will do the job. As you become experienced in photography, you can expand to other areas. It's hard to pick the best DSLRs of 2012. Choosing which one is best for you, personally, is even harder. You can narrow your list down if you apply the tips we shared in this article. As you do your homework you'll narrow it more and more and eventually you really will find the camera that is the best fit for who you are and the kind of photos you want to take.