The game in addition to the foal basic breeding and training, but also with the fairies to the ranch to explore together.Completion of all tasks,tera time card, there is hope.Magic spring can help restore healthy foals.
And the magic springs itself has the ability to regenerate,tera game card, if you drink all the water, not to worry,buy tera cd key, the very next day it will automatically refilled.Magic spring of higher level,buy tera cd key, can provide the springs are also more.
And we can also in the mall to buy enough new foal, but in the purchase is the need to spend a certain amount of gold coins can.In order to foal development, sometimes to buy is also very necessary.Game player needs in the game carefully take care of their pony, pony fed every day, take a shower, clean up the horseshoe.
The game has a game player most loves breeding system,cheap tera cd key, game player can choose for their foals are paired, multiply little pony baby.Game player can also use different horsehair, horseshoe, tattoo, as the Colts adorned.
Best in the owner or the most beautiful pony competitions."Pony" in many competitions, task and fighting.Game player through alliances or forums and other game player interaction.The game in the theme selection is still quite new, and now webpage game boring strategy subject, brings to the game player another leisure experience.
Chinese version of the game just launch in mainland China, the game can be played as long as it is registered.Extended reading "Zhenwu." saga legend first steal out of cash sail sea "commander" today 14
open beta flying wing to wing sail created by nature "ethereal West" best couple in the history of cattle to climb the tower "jagged Daqin" the Great Wall through shaking exposure "deep" manor system Qiuku