, The Elder Scrolls 5:sky area believe you have started to adventure ,all of which suggests that the sky than an annihilation series of better ,more excellent .Even so ,but the game also has some problems people crazy about .
Prior statement ,small make up for sky very satisfied, it is not just to complain that the game is bad ,nor to black Bethesda .The game itself is quite good, the following 5 points does not affect the game ,but it is a bit disappointing .
Although these are only some small flaws, but I think Bethesda can actually do better .Animation is the Bethesda scrolls the two in a series of long criticized one of the .In this work ,Bethesda has made every effort to perfect game animation ,as long as you are not a dash attack or attack high ,then there are special attack animation probability is not very high,diablo 3 cd key, but sometimes seems a little coordination ,motion capture the feeling is done is not perfect .
And forget, climb ,Bethesda didn intend this part into the game to tramp over mountains and through ravines ,have feeling very enjoyable,diablo 3 gold, results and in ground state without any different .
Solution :try in this respect with better motion capture ,motion capture actor call some help .Hair problem for me, in this open world game I like most is a hairstyle .As the game player can see, this time hair problems than annihilation didn any improvement .
Although the manufacturers do better ,high fine facial features also played a considerable role ,however ,those very boring hair people in particular entangled, looks like a wig cap .
Of course ,you may choose to use a helmet cover cover .Since the games release ,Bethesda has suggested that the game player using this method ,it is to let people feel very helpless .Solution :to deprive the choice or directly with a helmet ,or direct all prisoner shave .
Loading and cottonwood believe one day in the future the Elder Scrolls series can be in the house and world in the switching without loading wait ;the loading speed basically and is proportional to the speed of your computer .
When exploring the enormous open world, I will feel very surprised ,buy diablo 3 cd key,because it was too large, and when entering the jungle hut is always to wait for ,it makes people very depressed .
But Bethesda in this context will also give us a time scheme ,cheap tera gold,that is the game in a variety of information .On the other hand ,Caton is avoided .When I play with Xbox 360 edition,sometimes inexplicable Caton ,I guess this is probably the game behind the seamless read out of a problem .
The occasional throughout the course of the game and do not have much impact ,but more or less will always feel disappointed .Solution :you can try to lower the PC configuration or patches and other methods ,the mainframe version can only hope that the next game .
The battle system this is my sky to the most disappointing .With such a huge and very charming scenery in the world for the expedition ,which also true to life likeness with numerous biological ,perfect is ?In fact ,the battle is somewhat boring .
Although both can be paired with a variety of weapons and magic .It seems to like magic and remote game player is very interesting ,but those who like hand-to-hand fighting ?Cut the effects do not fully reflected .
For Bethesda the proud of the engine it as if there are .The design of a satisfactory first-person combat system is actually a difficult task .Because the game corresponds to PC ,then the mouse operation on weapons wielded less in tune .
Of course ,the host version of the sky through various peripheral to enhance combat .Solution :the sky Kinecet edition dragon whole sky province moments are the huge dragon shadow covered .
These huge monster is undoubtedly the game sources of conflict ,and it is the Elder Scrolls series of one of history challenging .Unless ,you will hide behind the boulder ,diablo 3 gold,in fact dragon baby pretty hate you do .
However ,they are also poor ,every time the sprayed fire will stay in place to allow you to be rather baffling scored a few knives .Although so far I meet in the game dragon species is very limited ,but the Dragon shock confined to the screen and playing a momentum of fairly good .
If every enterprise can let me feel very satisfied awesome ,so is pretty cool ,but so far no such feeling .Due to lack of combat system ,result every time and War didn that dynamic stimulation .
But using magic and arrow ranged attack effect of feeling good, but in fact these ranged attack damage caused by the very limited .Solution :hope under the Elder Scrolls in all began to abuse before, please clear ,Xiaobian very like the game ,just hope Bethesda can do better ,more perfect .
Perhaps ,in the sequel we can see the perfect the elder scrolls .Can you imagine the future look like ? The Elder Scrolls 5New York the Elder Scrolls 5New York the Elder Scrolls 5New York